Cookie clicker combo -

Cookie clicker combo

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-cast spells in Grimoire until next Force the Hand of Fate is x777 click frenzy (requires save scumming)

-set up garden with Clay soil + Thumbcorns (2% clicking). wait until mature for max benefit
-set Business Season with Selebreak diamond and Arcane Aura for frequent golden cookies
-enable Elder Covenant to prevent wrath cookies

-pray to god to get frenzy/building combo

Once you get the combo, save the game to file. Then:

-click Force the Hand of Fate for x777 click frenzy
-enable Golden Switch
-revoke Elder Covenant
-enable Sugar Frenzy (requires 1x sugar lump)
-set dragon auras (Breath of Milk + Radiant Appetite)
-set pantheon auras (Godzamok diamond, Muridal ruby, Mokalsium jade)
-sell some buildings (DONT sell clickers, grandmas, farms, or temples)
-click with 2 mice (i have one for gaming, and one for ergonomics/carpal tunnel)

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