cookie clicker collector the 4 secrets found -

cookie clicker collector the 4 secrets found

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Hello YouTubers I’m going to start off this description by saying thank you for watching and if you have any questions pm me or leave a comment down below ill try by best to respond within 48hours


  1. a very hard one indeed that 3rd one………. XD

  2. how can i get cookies very fast? im only up to 1632 rainbow chips my cousin has 68,040 chips

  3. Hey dude can you make a video like on what to upgrade the most and what to buy

  4. Dude I can't get the 1st secret I opened the application up at exactly 12:00 at midnight PLZ help me ;(

  5. Would you do me a solid and enter my code pls?


  6. Hi all, please add my friend code 😀
    Thanks so much!

  7. omg when i taped the right corner it worked thanks!

  8. what do you mean by order the structures from least to greatest

  9. I fucking cannot fucking understand this fucking shit

  10. its actually same game pik cookies inc😂

  11. You got the
    Diamond cookies: 1Qi cookies
    Qi = quintillion

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