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[Cookie Clicker] Click Frenzy + Elder Frenzy + Godzamok Combo

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I got lucky from getting a Click Frenzy stored while trying to manipulating Force of the Hand Fate.

Hence I thought, “Why not trying to combine with Elder Frenzy and watch the result?”

Since I had Godzamok available, I sold all my 300 cursors immediately to get a +300% bonus for every click, which means that each click worths 3108 (not counting the indirect bonus received from upgrades and milk during Elder Frenzy).

Recorded from v 2.0042, but the Stored Click Frenzy still works in version 2.0045.


  1. This is pretty impressive, but hurts so bad to watch lol

  2. Well done !!
    Nice result.

    I have to try Godzamok !

  3. This is what I need for my bank, so I can go from $8,000 to more than $8,000,000.

  4. Imagine if u had a 7x production multiplier before hand?

  5. are you playing this on a calculator?

  6. Hi, did you create Inma no Ken?
    What happened with the game?
    I would like to play the last version

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