Cookie Clicker Challenge Part 62: 300 of all buildings incl. Idleverses! -

Cookie Clicker Challenge Part 62: 300 of all buildings incl. Idleverses!

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I have a Cookie Clicker play through that has been going for 900+ days. It has made over 50 sexdecillion cookies in total. This challenge/series is to see how quickly i can start a new play through and catch up to the old one by playing as actively as possible!

I post updates regularly/daily over on tiktok so if you want to watch in closer to real time follow me there: ?

The playlist for this series is here: …

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  1. im pretty bad at the game, i have:133 cursors156 grandmas100 farms81 mines73 factories67 banks60 temples53 wizard towers40 shipments28 alchemy labs17 portals6 time machines

  2. Can you teach me everything about this i loved this I am currently at billion…… Pls

  3. SessizVlog Fan / a click yes / spqr milestone 6 says:

    1 Decillion to prestige cookies (My turn)

  4. I have 120 cursors 110 grandmas100 farms 90 mines80 factories70 banks60 temples50 wizard towers40 shipments30 alchemy labs20 portals8 time machinesSo I’ve buying things in 10s and have it descending by 10 as you can see and then buying the next cheapest upgrade. I don’t know if that’s efficient or not so I’m just looking for some advice. I’m at around 3.something billion per second

  5. Those cookies are disappointing for how long you have played on that run. My 700+ day run I’m making around 7+ tredicillion cookies a second and 1.2+ tredicillion per cookie click.

  6. I'm at
    758 cursors
    428 grandmas
    399 farms
    368 mines
    353 factories
    348 banks
    317 temples
    512 wizard towers
    212 portal
    249 alchemy labs

  7. I have quiet literally had 23789e+09 prestige points

  8. i had like 1 trillion until i decided to prestige lol

  9. If thus guys loses his PC his life is ruined

  10. I have no idea how yall do this but I grind all day all night and still dont get as much

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