Cookie Clicker Challenge Part 115: Shadow achievements! -

Cookie Clicker Challenge Part 115: Shadow achievements!

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I have a Cookie Clicker play through that has been going for 1000+ days. It has made over 90 sexdecillion cookies in total. This challenge/series is to see how quickly i can start a new play through and catch up to the old one by playing as actively as possible!

I post updates regularly/daily over on tiktok so if you want to watch in closer to real time follow me there: ?

I also have a twitter:
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  1. I have 13 shadow achievements all I need is gaseous assets and the one for 27777 gold cookies

  2. I have god conplex, when the cookies asend just right, speed baking 1&2 true neverclick and just plain lucky. I am currently trying to get last chance to see and have popped 2k wrinklers

  3. Just lucky changed to one million, i was ingame when i got it

  4. jeez only 3 lol i have 9 going for endless cycle dont try that if you dont wanna get carpel tunnel

  5. I only have 3, The orteil one and speed baking I and II

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