Cookie Clicker Challange Part 1: Intro -

Cookie Clicker Challange Part 1: Intro

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I have a Cookie Clicker play through that has been going for 900+ days. It has made over 50 sexdecillion cookies in total. This challenge/series is to see how quickly i can start a new play through and catch up to the old one by playing as actively as possible!

I post updates regularly/daily over on tiktok so if you want to watch in closer to real time follow me there: ?

The playlist for this series is here:

I also have a twitter:
And a Twitch:

Thanks for watching!


  1. Just started my journey a few days ago! Going to watch all of these!

  2. My playthrough is close to yours
    I’m at 448 achievements

  3. who knew cookie clicker was played by such a beautiful man <333

  4. I’ve watched these all before, now I have an account so I can like them all! Not an excuse to watch them again… totally not. 🤫

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