Cookie Clicker | C418 - grandmapocalypse (1 Hour Version) -

Cookie Clicker | C418 – grandmapocalypse (1 Hour Version)

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🍪Cookie Clicker music by c418 has been extended to 1 hour.🍪

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  1. I need some disgusting sfx and a more threatening overtone with an uneasy feel of riving chaos and pain.

  2. Perfect music for not caring about the world you're destroying for the sake of profit

  3. Lo-fi beats to chil and s̷e̵a̸r̴c̶h̴ ̷f̶o̴r̶ ̷b̷a̴c̷k̵r̸o̶o̷m̵s̶

  4. does anyone think about space when listening to this

  5. Beats to chill and rise up against your oppressors to.

  6. You could almost say that an apocalypse is baking

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