Cookie Clicker but I get a World Record without Hacks -

Cookie Clicker but I get a World Record without Hacks

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Cookie Clicker but I get a World Record without Hacks. In Cookie Clicker, you normally want to just click on a cookie. That’s pretty much the game. I first tried speedrunning a couple of different categories but the first one was RNG based and the second was skill based of how fast you can click your mouse. After seeing how fast some people click their mouse I had to look for another record. This is where I found IRL baking 100 cookies. I noticed a lot of views come from videos talking about hacks. Just get an auto clicker. They do the job way too well.

I now hold the world record for 100 cookies IRL Baking world record. I am a freaking legend.

I got the idea of speedrunning cookie clicker from @Smallant and @EazySpeezy.

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My channel is based around doing challenges and playing video games to a degree that makes people question why is he doing this. I have a big dream and a lot of goals but I will make them happen, stick around and see.

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  1. nice video!!I thought the speedrun of 100 cookies was on cookie clicker, I didn't thought you mean 100 IRL cookies

  2. The way you talk like a 8 year old is funny. Keep it up

  3. I dont know about cokie clicker i know about cokie clicker 2 and 3

  4. broo wtf i thought you had like a million subscribers LOL

  5. Also share the video with your friends and I will be a very happy guy

  6. Omg Chi
    It's been so long
    Im Myy7, dunno if you remember me
    I still like your vids and streams as I did before ! This is very funny btw x)

  7. Wow I really thought this video was made by someone with millions of vids great quality

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