COOKIE CLICKER - Beware The Grandma -

COOKIE CLICKER – Beware The Grandma

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Cookie Clicker –
Seems I was already in a Grandmapocalypse!!
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  1. click 10000000000000000000000000000000000000

  2. those evil grandmas made my cookies get destroyed by wrinklers

  3. Your accent reminds me of everyone from Neebs Gaming (especially Simon)

  4. OK its a fun game but when you get a lot of thing the game gets dark fast like "we raise" it's like the grandma revaluation and there's global warming PETA diabetes oh god I got "it begins form grandmas in my game the grandma revaluation begins

  5. Ken has lost his mind ps leave a like if you agree

  6. One time I got like 20 golden cookies at once and bought 80 prisms (I had like 1 sextillion cookies).

  7. Per second 4.563 quintillion
    Total cookies 2.906 septillion

  8. Cookies:nan (more than infinity)

    Cookies per second: infinity

  9. SUCK IT!
    IMMA GO PLAY 🍪👈🏻 !

  10. guys try this press CTRL SHIFT J and type Game.cookiesPs= and enter as much cookies as you want i have infinite cookies HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  11. Cookies per second:14 decillion
    Prestige level:998891
    Cookies made:NAN

  12. 22 trillion cookies per second…
    started about a month ago

  13. Ken "say goodbye to your social life"

    Me "What social life :D"

  14. Cookies per second: 4.9 million
    Cookies baked: 40.5 billion

  15. wanna get infinity cookies?
    go to inspect element, console, and type this: "Game.Earn(99999999999999999999999999999999999999999999)"
    without the "s

  16. I get 4 trilion cookies an do it %5 from a year not .and i hive 300 SEXTILION

  17. I started 3 years ago and have 7 quadrillion cookies per second.

  18. they allow you to cheat so i beat it in like 2 min. it aint addicting anymore

  19. I love cookies, love love cookies. 🍪

  20. Cookie Clicker has been ported to Nintendo Switch.

  21. Imagine him coming back to play this in 2019

  22. right click and press inspect the do it how it looks like Game.Earn(what number) and find out what happens

  23. i am playing cookie clicker while watching

  24. I bet they’re in kahoots with the Keebler elf.

  25. TIP: right click and click the inspect button, click the console button and type: Game.cookies=Infinity
    this is how 2 get infinite cookies, caps is also needed so if you type game.cookies=infinity it wont work

  26. how do you get different types of grandmas?

  27. Saw cookie clicker on steam and thought of this vid, classic lol

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