Cookie Clicker: Beta 2.051 - New Cursor Upgrades/Achieves, New Customization, & Graphical Tweaks -

Cookie Clicker: Beta 2.051 – New Cursor Upgrades/Achieves, New Customization, & Graphical Tweaks

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Hello everyone, welcome to my video on the new Cookie Clicker 2.051 beta! In this update, Orteil has added some small additions missed from the previous beta, including some Cursor upgrades and achievements, new customization options for You, buffing the new Dragon Aura, and updated some of the graphics of Santa! Welcome to jax digital circus voice actor, where innovation and creativity collide to redefine the landscape of digital entertainment. Immerse yourself in a captivating fusion of cutting-edge technology, dark comedy, and surreal visuals.

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  1. Does cookie clicker have any official mobile app

  2. one of my friends predicted the date of the update (how) and now i think he is god

  3. In the context of the aura, "digesting" boosts the wither rate (6% per wrinkler instead of 5% per wrinkler). Meanwhile, Skruuia's "digesting" only boosts the number of cookies dropped upon exploding wrinklers. So really, Skruuia's description should be updated with the more accurate "explode" terminology.

  4. Bit of advice for the dragon auras, Elder Battalion should be stronger than Breath of Milk at the stage you're at

  5. I think for passive players the new dragon aura is better. New dragon aura + Elder Batallion is slightly ever so slightly better then just 2x + EB? (assuming all relevant buffs, late game, AND full grandmapocolipse)

    Active players just ignore it for milk/2x duh

  6. Try using whiskerblooms as they are better than drowsyferns for me

  7. I think Sugar Lumps need a massive overhaul. Takes way too long, years in fact to get all Sugar Lump related achievements.

    I agree with you about needing a 3rd slot for another aura mainly for late game to be honest. Make it a heavenly upgrade like you said.

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