Cookie Clicker: Beta 2.05 - Final New Building, Upgrade Tier, Gifts (2.049), & More! -

Cookie Clicker: Beta 2.05 – Final New Building, Upgrade Tier, Gifts (2.049), & More!

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Hello everyone, welcome to my video on the new Cookie Clicker 2.05 beta! In this update, Orteil has added the 20th and final building, You… or at least clones of you! He’s also added a new Shimmeringue tier to all upgrades and achievements, as well as some other assorted achieves and polish!

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  1. Please, keep making buildings, my progress didn’t save sadly. But what I like about cookie clicker is it being a endless game of never stopping unlocking things. New building ideas:God powered grandma (21)Duplicator (duplicates every other building)Alr I’m out of ideas but it’s only been a few minutes

  2. You the true sadnes somting about the you context in this is very sad.

  3. I love this game lmao the new building being you is so creative I never thought of that when trying to think of something more insane than the cortex baker, remember when the chancemakers sounded like the absolute limit?

  4. Your CookieClicker videos have guided me through all these years. Here's to years more of more CookieClicker videos (and updates)!

  5. I love how I already have every achievement as I was prepared lmao.

  6. Would you ever want to do a collab?! I love cookie clciker and post on it as well

  7. Gifted cookies sounds like it will change true never click strategies to avoid the early game wait for lucky golden cookies. And actually any speed run would benefit a decent amount from a free 1K to start.

  8. Great video! By the way how do I update the game, I’m still stuck in v.2048

  9. I just got my idleverses to Iridyum, now there's a new final tier.

  10. 1000 LUMPS???? do you have every building at level 10 already? how long have you been playing?

  11. Do you have any idea how long it will take for this update to hit the live/steam version?

  12. So for some reason mine as of 18/03/2023 is stuck on v. 2.048 and won't update?

  13. I bet there's gonna be another smaller clicker game inside of the you tower 😂

  14. I hope they release the Dungeon minigame in official releases on the 10 year anniversary

  15. Anyone know what Ortiel is planning for future updates? Ik he had talked about making more mini games, and maybe making another crumblier/Santa like “building”. But dose anyone know about anything else?

  16. I dont want it to end honestly but with the upcoming minigames there will come much more achievemnts and if they are as difficult as the stock market achievement make one year worth of cps it will take insanely long for all achievemsnts

  17. I want the you mini game to be a mini cookie-clicker game

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