Cookie Clicker: Beta 2.045 - New Heavenly Upgrades, Jukebox, New Backgrounds & More! -

Cookie Clicker: Beta 2.045 – New Heavenly Upgrades, Jukebox, New Backgrounds & More!

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Hello everyone, welcome to my video on the new Cookie Clicker 2.045 beta! In this update, Orteil has added a whopping 38 heavenly upgrades, including a new Unshackling mechanic to boost different building tier upgrades! He also added a bunch of new cookies, more background selections, a jukebox, new golden cookie chimes, and much more!

Try out the beta:
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  1. To get a better way to earn,change it to elder battalion. It gives the best bonus

  2. edit: Thanks. What is the relationship between unshakkled upgrades and the other? For example blueberrium? Hmmm…

  3. I'm not the cookie clicker guy but I'm happy to hear your voice it's so calm i love it and I'm happy you're alright I wish you all of luck in These hard times ❤️ 🙂

  4. oh wow i wont be able to afford that in a hundred years!

  5. 4:45 The thing you were looking for which tells you how much of an item you bought appears when you hover the "buy" or "sell" part, you were so close it was frustrating ahah

  6. Hey, do you know when cookie clicker v.2044 is going to be released on steam? Since v.2045 is now released on browser

  7. I found your channel from a video of yours from 6 years ago and check your channel wondering if you were still uploading. It was awesome to see that you're still here and making awesome content! Keep up the great work!

  8. There are actually 12 new cookies, but "Steamed cookies" and "Web cookies" are version-specific. On the web version, Web cookies gives +5%, while Steamed cookies is a debug upgrade and gives +0%. On the Steam version, it's the other way around. They have the same cost, but different IDs.

    Once the two game versions are running the same update version, you should be able to transfer saves between them, allowing you to buy both cookies legitimately. But for now, Steamed cookies can only be gained through debug mode on the web beta, as I don't think there's currently a Steam beta.

    Whichever one is put into the debug upgrades pool also gains an additional line of flavor text, explaining why it gives a multiplier of +0%: "Only of any use in Cookie Clicker's [web/Steam] version, of course."

  9. decided to come back to you to check how it's going since i remembered you all of a sudden, i decided to restart completely and do a game on steam with nothing (even no autoclicker or cookie monster.) my question is. please RESPECT YOUR GARDEN

  10. Jman37X new update today is cookie clicker 2.046 in beta Version !!!!!

  11. i can't seem to get into the beta, it just loads and wont stop loading. any tips??

  12. I only recently found out for myself, that a full garden of whiskerblooms almost TRIPLES my CPS, if all the plants are mature and on clay soil. Insane. I don't think even Bakeberries top that…

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