Cookie Clicker: Beta 2.027 - Stock Market Rework, Balance Changes & Recap! -

Cookie Clicker: Beta 2.027 – Stock Market Rework, Balance Changes & Recap!

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Hello everyone, welcome to a video on the new Cookie Clicker 2.027 beta! In this update, Orteil has done some changes to the Stock Market minigame, including a UI update & various balance changes! I also go over some of the content from the previous beta that I either didn’t cover fully or didn’t yet have the knowledge about!

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  1. i still dont know how the hell do the stock markets. how the hell do you predict if it will go up or down? im afraid to do real life stocks too

  2. You couldn't do combos with stocks before either, it's now just highest raw cps instead of current unbuffed cps to prevent a weaker exploit. Dragon drops are in a random order.

  3. my man putting some islanders ost in the background, exquisite tastes

  4. Why did it take you so long to get here? I just beat it in 16 days ending yesterday, No hacking or cheating. Also why are you using wrinklers, when clicking golden cookies get you so much more so much faster?

  5. could you post a video about how to make alot of profit in stock market?

  6. The live version of cookie clicker 2.029 is out. Dark mode, new secret achievements? upgrade, and more.
    Looking forward for the review.

  7. What if you ascend, buy a lot at the stock market? But a lot of buildings? Prices go up And then you sell everything? Mayby?

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