Cookie Clicker "And a little extra" achievement -

Cookie Clicker “And a little extra” achievement

Floofy Floofles
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Final X cookies baked in one ascension achievement completed


  1. Is the grandma aura really worth it?

  2. godzamok perk only grants increase based on how many buildings you sell at once. so selling all those buildings wasted so much potential cps from elder batallion

  3. do you have any idea why all my spells costs more than yours? i have the same amount of wizard towers and they're the same level. it's too expensive so i can't double cast which is super annoying.

  4. How did you know you would get a click frenzy and a elder frenzy?

  5. apply for scum leaderboard 🙂

    (i need competition 🤫)

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