Cookie Clicker: AAAAAHHHHH -

Cookie Clicker: AAAAAHHHHH

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  1. That hurts my feelings I do have my birthday
    In May 🙁

  2. Like if u want 200 Cocies delivert to ur door tommorow

    Terms and conditon
    1 give me 10000$
    2 u dont get Cocies

  3. Now Vera gone there’s no one that can defeat meeeee music🎶

  4. as a person
    who is a beyblade fan ur name is the best

  5. “Sell a grandma” -Dragoon before being taken by the government

  6. Type in tonsaysopensesame as ur name for admin

  7. Hey I'm a lady and I have those fingers, apparently I don't exist either

  8. Bruh the title is funny cookie clicker ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hehe

  9. I’m completely sober but watching this made me feel high

  10. Is cookie clicker in the U.K. “Biscuit Clicker”?

  11. i didnt need to take 166 hours i took like 2 to 4 days

  12. The Achievement on the thumbnail reminded me of the Princely Flag

  13. Bro sent an email to a random girl named Vera lol

  14. How are you playing in May if this was uploaded two months ago and it’s May 1😮😮😮😮😮

  15. Hey cookie God, you’re not so much of a cookie God anymore

  16. youre kinda bad i have a new way to win make your name bobsaysopensayseme

  17. Hey u I broke that cookie twice

  18. "I don't have a sponsor this video"

    The video:

  19. Dawg I thought you only clicked a cookieඩා

  20. Sorry I'm late and I can't buy your desktop

  21. can we get a full lore video??? like i know who all the characters are on the enemies board except the dog with an artillery cannon. i need to know everything. i need a 3 hour video

  22. "To fuck off and let me bake cookies" caught me off guard so hard

  23. very inspired by tobuscus a diehard fan like me can realize that anyday

  24. Nice 91% I’m at 99% and can’t go any further lol

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