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  1. Thank you for the stream!!!! waiting for the baking stream

  2. OTSHU ! I sure enjoyed the "shupping" segment from today's stream lmao😭 thank you for the stream shubert and good luck with telling your family about that microwave

  3. Otshuuu!! thank you for the stream!! I didn’t expect to have this much fun while watching someone click a cookie it ended up being so chill and also funny with your shopping too! (congrats on your microwave LMAO) Hope you rest well!

  4. so many stories in your school time and some cute details of you being shared today! love the BGM softly flowing with your voice, that's simply relaxing, today's stream's just chill!!! thank you shu, otshu

  5. i wasn’t present for the entire stream but i did see some mutuals bring this up on twitter so i’d like to share it here:
    i think it’s weird that some people in chat have asked shu if he’s aro/aroace/ace [after discussing various stories related to high school], no one is privy to this information. don’t try to push labels on to him; none of us know him personally and it’s hurtful to push labels upon someone even if the intention is to be respectful.
    please keep this in mind and hold each other accountable.

    this is coming from someone who is aroace btw, i can understand that people would like to see vtubers who they can connect to on a deeper level (through their sexuality or gender) but it’s not worth it if the vtuber is pressured into coming out/making a statement regarding something deeply personal because of their fan’s curiosity.

  6. Thank you for the stream Shu!! low-key this stream was fun to tune into. something about shopping at 2 am in the morning was so comfy?? how could that happen? LMAO Have a great day though 💜

  7. woaaa thank you for allowing us to get to know you better! from highschool stories to candy talk to impulse shopping at 2am candy tierlist stream when? rest well shubert!! Otshu man maybe i should impulse buy some cookies….

  8. otshu!! thank you for the stream!! really enjoy hearing your "funny"injuries stories and high school stories
    i started tearing up a bit when hearing the bully story…but glad that you have homies by your side
    also the impulse shopping at 2amyou look so excited and that's so cute

  9. pwease update us if your family like the microwave!

  10. Thanks Shubert for Shupping stream lmao really nice one

  11. Thank you shu I really enjoyed the stream made me feel happy anyways have a good day eyyyyyyyyyyy💜🍪💜(^ν^)

  12. oh god no. im lowkey glad i missed this stream as i used to be obsessed with these stupid games when i was younger hahahahah

  13. thank you for the comfy zatsu and the exciting prime-day shopping stream today
    i hope your parents will like the microwave

  14. Thank you for the stream shu It was so funny and chaotic Im so happy Yay shubert got new microwave also i just found out you like cynthia from pokemon thats very based shu!! you are so cool shu you made cooki clicker stream really fun LMAO have a good day off shubert i love you my oshi

  15. OTSHUclicker? i hardly even — anyways thanks for the cookie and shopping (buyin microwave) stream, glad that the size's fit…

  16. Ty shu for the stream. This stream is the gold one. Remember kids don't go shopping online at 2am 💜

  17. Thank you for the stream shu. Just hearing u talk and interact with chat bring’s such a therapeutic feeling. Hopefully ur parents will like the new microwave!

  18. otshu~ thanks sm for the stream. An another personal fave dslkflkj This felt like a members only stream honestly lmfao I HOPE FAM LIKES UR PURCHASE (shopping at 2 AM help)
    hope u recover and become healthier wooo

    ur pc is selective (cc nearly crashed lmfao help) 17:13

    do u cough often 19:49

    did it hurt? 24:21

    did u feel sleepy 25:31

    u lift ur opponent? 36:53

    did u like playing the violin 47:55

    sounds more fun 1:11:55

    didnt u bring ur wii to school 1:14:45

    GET A GAMER GF 1:23:47

    thats like with valentine choco sale lmfao 2:58:19 (personal timestamps )

    CHESTUSSY 27:59


  19. OTSHUU!! Fun fun chatting stream while shu clicks on the cookie~ i laughed a lot ty for the streeeeam

    1:33:05 personal timestamp cos he giggle at comment

  20. これクラスの男子が授業中にタブレット端末でやってるやつだ……

  21. Thanks for the stream today I really enjoyed a very chill but also very random zatsudan (and shopping) stream in disguise like this a lot! You really are a natural born streamer (and a microwave buyer) Rest well and see you on the next streams 🙂

  22. This is such a chill stream I love it! Being called dense may seem like a bad thing but I think it makes you so much more lovable! You are wonderful as you are and I admire you a lot as a person! So glad you can laugh about your past injuries I can totally relate lmao And that bully from highschool, to me it seems like he wanted to get your attention more than anything. I really enjoyed the shopping segment as well! POG new microwave! Otshuuu!

  23. Hihi💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  24. shu,非常喜欢你,芜湖🥵,你就是我的xp

  25. Thank you for the stream!!! I am adding it to my “medicine for amnesia” playlist lol. Beautiful bgm + Shu’s peaceful voice = best thing ever.
    I love and enjoy listening to your thoughts/stories over random topics. I found them super interesting!! You are so cool, chill and strong!!!

  26. Thank you so much for the pog streamI really missed 4 hour solo streams. Have a good rest

  27. Otshu! Thank you for the stream
    Finally catching up to the VOD and dang, beeg gasp you haven't properly watched ATLA???
    You most definitely reminded me of Aang and Sokka since your debut, so this is surprising You've given me the impression that you probably know the famous Secret Tunnel Song just for the vibe of it. The more you know ig

    (ayo ATLA watchalong )

  28. 🛒microwave timestamps 🛒

    I laughed so hard and this whole microwave part is my favorite LMAO
    3:45:12 MICROWAVE OVEN *the encounter
    3:45:35 WHAT? *his face LMFAO
    3:46:30 I don’t think I could just buy this on the spot right now
    3:46:55 I can’t just tell my parents “I bought you a air fryer” I don’t think that’s allowed
    3:47:40 position memory turntable!?
    3:49:05 honestly it’s a big brain
    3:49:35 I might buy it in the future BUT NOT NOW
    3:50:10 the oven name
    3:50:28 I would impulse buy this? *so accurate
    3:51:10 is this like a new trend?
    3:51:38 “buy it now” NO!
    3:52:14 BUT…?
    3:52:33 DO I BUY IT?
    3:53:10 let me ask *at 2am
    3:53:47 no one is awake
    3:53:55 if I ordered it…
    3:54:23 is that toxic?*∞
    3:55:05 you know, we could use a new microwave oven
    3:55:33 I should just cut it off there I shouldn’t buy anything else *inclining his head lmao
    3:58:30 so…I’m already buying a microwave I’ve just realized
    3:59:05 I’m just gonna check out
    3:59:15 I don’t want a random credit card bill on my parents’ credit card for a MICROWAVE
    4:00:11 PLACE YOUR ORDER
    4:00:25 did someone hack your amazon account? did someone buy a microwave?
    4:00:45 yo what the heck what am I doing I’m buying a microwave
    4:00:55 I bought a microwave air fryer what the heck I’m doing on stream holy cow
    4:01:05 what am I doing chat holy cow
    4:01:45 our microwave is broken right now too
    4:03:25 wait I don’t even know if the microwave actually fits
    4:3:50 where are the dimensions
    4:05:14 WE ARE GOOD *he’s saved lmao
    4:05:55 holy cow what am I doing
    4:06:45 I got a microwave*2 www
    4:08:05 YES I BOUGHT A MICROWAVE *his confident face
    4:08:50 test it on stream the air fryer capabilities
    4:09:10 you sound so proud *EXACTLY
    4:09:35 are you gonna keep them own your room? *WHAT LMAO
    4:10:00 I need to explain that I bought a microwave www
    4:10:35 they are asleep rn but I bought a microwave
    4:10:45 maybe if it’s positive
    4:11:27 what if they bought it already?
    4:11:40 you scared me so much that’s a horror story
    4:12:15 I’ll explain to my family that I bought a microwave
    4:13:00 what have I done www

  29. Otshu!! Chatty streams are so fun, I liked to hear about your injuries history, as a fellow broken collarbone human being it felt good to know which other ways this bone can be broken

    Have a good day everyone!

  30. Otshu! This stream was so unexpected and SO GOOD. It was a rollercoaster of topics and we enjoyed all of it!

  31. 39:50 thank u shu, my bday was so fun and happy because of u. i hope one day u can understand how much i really love u and is kinda dumb idk but u r really important to me thank u for everything, im struggling with my mental health but im trying for u ily!!!

  32. thank u for the comfy stream shu!! i’m watching the vod again i love zatsudan sm

  33. Can’t wait till cookie clicker becomes a horror game

  34. Ty for this very comfy zatsudan-ish(asmr) stream! Story time felt like a sleepover that became an online shupping with Shu and chat was very fun! Watched the vod like 2 times now and the second time legit lulled me to sleep. Shu's soothing laugh and voice plus the clicking noises made it like a pseudo-asmr stream for me that I really hoped one day Shu might consider doing one with an asmr mic! Anyways ty again Shu! Definitely one of my fave go- to comfort streams of yours!

    PS. Shu cute real! Our sorcerer can't be this dense, nerdy, memey and still stay cute!FR!

  35. Just a GD Creator [AuLumity] hololive-EN says:

    I have unvirgintillion cookies And a shgurr lump

  36. thank you for your share💜


    it didn't escalate to the point where it was like stuff that teachers should even intervene

  37. Thanks for the stream Shu~! I was only able to watch the early parts live because of work. I just finished watching the vod now and I can't help but laugh at the shopping stream! My "past midnight" purchases are either my best ones or the ones I don't wanna remember. hahaha! Love these chill streams with you! Would love to hear microwave updates and baking stream maybe?

  38. Thanks for the stream I am glad that we can hear your stories and enjoy your stream, hope you rest well. And the shopping stream at 2a.m. is really funny I like you being yourself and sharing your through with us!

  39. I have 9 trillion 😌
    78 upgrades
    18 cookies

  40. Comeback to this vod cauze this is my fav stream <3

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