Cookie Clicker (500mil/s) ― End Game -

Cookie Clicker (500mil/s) ― End Game

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Clicked some buttons, caused some digits to move here and there in a computer program, everything else is an illusion. It is basically satisfaction with lever pulling, and literal button mashing. It breads emptiness and defeated souls, because it is inherently empty past time.

Cookie Clicker ―

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  1. For an EASY way to unlock all achevements,All upgrades all the cookies and all debug upgrades 1.Open Cookie Clicker On GOOGLE CHROME
    2.Right Click and click "Inspect Element"
    3.Once Your there Click "Console"
    4.Copy this EXACT format in Console type Game.RuinTheFun () ;
    5.Enjoy 🙂

  2. get the achevent "CHEATED COOKIES TASTED AWEFUL"
    the last number is NaN

  3. For all the haters note that he didnt even have condensers.

  4. Cookie clicker tells me I get -434354565666879980875644 a second

  5. i get 4 trill per sec lol legit i been playing for a wile now

  6. YOU DONT KNOW CHEAT click F12 and you see it then Game.cookies=99999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999


    woops, i forgot i was kinda being mean!

  8. You're all scrubs! I'm clocking in at 8.2 cps BITCHES!

  9. I got 2 novemdecillion cps but this guys doin greater than all you guys

  10. game never ends! that's the point, you have no point! you do not shoot anyone or blow up things! you just sit there and watch it!

  11. I got the achievement "And yet you're still hungry" lol

  12. ive got octillions no joke, and every achievement… 6 month session

  13. the good thing about cookie clicker is that you dont need a internet connection for it, you only need it to get on to the game(i have a freezeing internet connection)

  14. I got 555.467 per second. and I had NaN Cookies.

  15. if u have a razer mouse u can use macros that spam click forever until u click again

  16. why are you guys hating i bet you all are lieing because you just want some fucking likes or someting

  17. i hope i don't start a fire fight but…

    who has heard of pewlan

  18. this is terrible to what the game has become

  19. "Max" cps for this version is 690mil~700mil

  20. I currently have 20+ nonillion, and as I type this it's now 27. That vid's not even close to endgame!

  21. Heh, I didn't go in the game console and gave myself 100 Novemquadragintillion cookies…

  22. everyone stop hating on this dude… Everyone says they have over 100 Quadrillion and yall still dont notice that this was back in 2013, so they didnt have certain upgrades that gave you a big ol boost

  23. How do I get more cookies per click?

  24. Dude got 56% of his all time cookies from clicking, obvs really fast autoclicker

  25. one googol possible?

  26. yawn your flexes bore me, im over here baking 1 tredecillion every click

  27. huhhh?? i make 500 sexdecillion per second..

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