Cookie clicker – +500 quattuordecillion in 1 minute (no Elder frenzy) -

Cookie clicker – +500 quattuordecillion in 1 minute (no Elder frenzy)

B. Clarenc
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I show a setup allowing to earn almost 500 quattuordecillion (QaD) cookies in one minute, without using the rare Elder frenzy (CPS x666). With a base CPS of ~1 DuD/s, it corresponds to a gain of ~16 years.

I make use of Duketaters then Godzamok: harvesting them gives 2h of instant CPS, which means if your CPS is boosted, the gain is as well. So I prepare the highest CPS boost and as many mature duketaters I as can, which grant 295 QaD. I then earn 202 QaD by clicking.

The steps are the following:
1) I prepare as many mature duketaters as possible (17 here)
2) I prepare Frenzy (CPS x7) with Gambler’s Fever Dream + High-five (CPS x73) with Force the Hand of Fate (FHF) for the incoming harvest. 720 cursors was the optimal number for harvesting 15 duketaters. I click Haggler’s charm to advance the RNG so subsequent FHF gives High-five
3) I sell all but one Wizard tower (WT) so I can buy another FHF, which contains Click frenzy (click x777)
4) I buy the WT to get my CPS back
5) I trigger the Veil (CPS x1.5), Sugar frenzy (CPS x3) and Holobore (CPS x1.1) and harvest the 17 duketaters
6) I unfreeze the garden hopping new duketaters turn mature
7) I replace Holobore with Godzamok
8) I trigger Click frenzy then sell all the buildings that have little impact on the CPS. The selling was probably not optimal
9) I get ~200 QaD by clicking until Click frenzy is over

At a given time, the outcomes of the spells are always the same, so you can know them in advance by casting them then refreshing the page. To change the outcome of a spell, cast any of them or (interestingly) change the golden cookie sound. However, if Force the Hand of Fate (FHF) triggers a building boost (high-five, congregation, juicy profit, etc.), the chosen building is not set in advance, so you may retry until the desired building is selected. In my case I wanted the cursors to be selected.

For the first 3 or 4 duketaters, I was bank-limited, i.e. they granted 8% of the bank instead of 2h of boosted CPS. However, the total waste was around 10 QaD only.

In theory, this hyper-boosts (CPS x2530, click x6M) can be way higher, since building boosts can stack, but it’s highly unlikely to get multiple at the same time, and even in this case it’s likely to be bank-limited.

En route for 1 quindecillion.

– 2110 –


  1. this guy is so much more advanced than me yet I got more than him, it just shows how much easier the game got in future updates

  2. Dude, that's cool. I spent a lot of time trying to understand what and why you do.

  3. How did you plant Juicy Queenbeet?

  4. U said no elder frenY but u put on a elder frenzy

  5. No simpler than elder frenzy (with which you can get much higher yields) and you used an autoclicker….. bit cheaty…


  7. 1 duodecillion CpS in Cooki Clicker!!!!!!!!!

  8. The buff for selling buildings only count the first stack you sell/all of. this is an old video maybe they changed it

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