Cookie Clicker - 24 Hours in Cookie Hell -

Cookie Clicker – 24 Hours in Cookie Hell

Many A True Nerd
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Cookie Clicker is a utterly surreal experience about clicking on a cookie forever, so join me as I descend into cookie hell for 24 hours…

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  1. He didn't even play long enough to trigger the Grandmapocalypse

  2. Jon should check out the other big clicker browser games. Paperclip Simulator, Candy Box 1+2 and A Dark Room

  3. If you had a 100 cookies every day from the beginning of the universe to now, you’d only just be able to afford half a bingo hall.

  4. I don't get why people like this "game". Am I missing something?

  5. Fun fact, the idle game genre was spawned by a game who's entire point was that a lot of RPG's are nothing but barely disguised skinner boxes that are designed to waste your time. It's called progress quest, look it up if you want to see how badly almost every idle game missed the point and are unironically being what they were created to satirize.

  6. Watching him not get Wizard towers upgrade. No clover upgrade… the Ascention…

    Truly the cringe we come here for.

  7. That ponce Dan from NERD3 ended up in hospital after playing with no sleep food
    or drink for a week apparently.

  8. I see a thumbnail. I think "Oh, my, I can't believe it. Must be a prank."
    I open the video. Jon is trying to logic his way through Cookie Clicker.
    Jon, I haven't seen the full vid yet, but… you should have asked NerdCubed about this game first. 🙂

  9. You should play another 24 hours because you haven’t seen some of the more bizarre things in the game like the grandmapocolypse.

  10. I told myself I was strong enough to watch this without reinstalling it.

    I failed.

  11. OK, I am gonna pass on the cookie clicker video 🙂

  12. theres NO WAY so many cookies were baked with that amount of ovens in that amount of time when all the dough supply lines were being bombed by allies.

  13. Anybody else plays this??if y'all do can y'all drop your stats

  14. I really want to see more of this hell in cookie clicker

  15. "First step, is to click the cookie"

    Rookie mistake, everyone knows you should go for true neverclick.

  16. Fell asleep listening while watching. Dreamt of running around my apartment trying to do insane math all over the walls.

  17. You know, the first time I played this game I was bored out of my skull.

    I saw the Grandma option and went "Naw, I can do it without putting Grandmas to work."

    And then nothing plot-related activated…

  18. 24 hours in the game, yet you still didn't understand the mechanics 😀 If you were smart, you could simply earn cookies worth of 4 months playing the way you are playing it….. in 2 minutes.

    Just stack up the boosters.

  19. When he missed that first Golden cookie I died a little inside.

  20. For math:
    Most upgrades about heptuple in price and become 5 times better (with no upgrades). Which means that the optimal strategy is… to play the game however you want, but get at least 3 of a building before trying to get the next tier. More will help, as well.

  21. I got confused and at first I thought this was part 24

  22. Only Jon could turn cookie clicker into a rts

  23. Escape now, run before it's too late.


  24. oh honey that does not sum up cookie clicker, you are small baby you know nothing u.u

  25. "Everytime I feel like I have achieved something, I don't because prices are constantly rising faster than any income I've got, every benefits is short lived"

    John's reflections on capitalism.

  26. Best idle games imo:
    Long term:
    Antimatter dimensions
    Kittens Game/Evolve idle (very similar)
    Short term:
    A dark room
    Universal paperclips
    Candy box

    None of these have bad microtransactions and all are balanced around f2p if they have microtransactions at all (most of these don't)

    Cookie clicker is the og tho, not the most complex but a good introduction

  27. "This game may be a trap. I'm not sure" -Many A True Nerd 2021

  28. The title should have been "first gameplay of cookie clicker" and have a picture of a sniped cookie from google

  29. "Is this even a game?"

    Nope! It's a critique of capitalism how it's drive for endless growth is ultimately self destructive. When you recognized this and said "I choose life, damn it," means you actually beat the game. Congratulations!

    Sadly, capitalism doesn't seem to have gotten the message, since they took the concept and monetized it.

  30. Him missing the golden cookie as 6:40 game me anxiety and depression

  31. Everybody gangsta till Jon pronounces the p in Raspberry

  32. The building level that is kept are the levels that used sugar lumps as upgrades. They aren't that good ngl, with each level only upgrading their cps by 1%

  33. building levels arent building quantities. those are related to sugar lumps, with sugar lumps you can level up different buildings, the level of which is displayed on the borrom right corner of each building section.

  34. you know i am so not paying for this game on steam, sorry man it's free on android apple and even a web based version, i am not giving the company 6 bucks for this trash.

  35. It hurt's me to see the Golden Cookie at the beginning disappear. (6:36)

  36. In the lategame with a few sugar lumps you can make years of profit in 20 seconds with active play. idle play gets you nowhere. you missed every minigame or combos and only saw the click the cookie mechanic. no hate i watched the whole video:) but for people watching this clicker have more to offer.

  37. Me having all lvl 10 like 50 asensions or something: Good Job 👍

  38. dude you need to play more then you did to get more stuff jesus you dont get it do you

  39. Also try Universal Paperclips, pretty similar but also vastly different

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