Cookie Clicker 2018 - Sacrifice Garden to Sugar Hornets and other tips -

Cookie Clicker 2018 – Sacrifice Garden to Sugar Hornets and other tips

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I’ve been playing Cookie Clicker again since the game turned 5 years old earlier this year, and i finally got so far that i could sacrifice my garden to the sugar hornets. So let’s do that on video.

Cookie Clicker:

Cookie Clicker Wiki:


  1. nice; i think you need some water tho xd

  2. I should check on my cookie clicker. Huh, while I was gone I got like 250 sugar lumps. This run was started 224 days ago and now there's this whole garden thing.

  3. With the new "Fractal Engine" Building it's 880 days to get every building to level 10 (based on one sugar lump every 24 hours). Might be able to speed that up with the Sugar Hornets and Juicy Queenbeet but its probably easier to just not play for 2.5 years and then finish the last achievments 😉

  4. … shadow achievement… hack in some cookies… maybe… idk im crazy XD

  5. amzing how fast you fly past my 4 day long run with only 51 sextillion cookies baked. What are the best heavenly chips amounts to ascend? I read on the cookie clicker wiki to ascend only when you think you have max achievements you can get. I got grandmapocalypse complete but no seasons yet. 3174 prestige/legacy. 19:21 I figured out the same tactic for gaining my first sextillion. The frenzy 7x cookies plus 1100% building multiplier or 777x clicking power.

    I made a makro on my keyboard to autoclick to make my hastle less but I still have to have my mouse on the cookie and autoclick is only useful for when you are active clicking golden cookies for the multpliers.

  6. i had to open sesame and debug for free planting and fast growth. no way was i going to wait around or check back between days to MAYBE get a seed i wanted just to unlock them all especially when they cost so much to plant. lol

  7. Now there's three prestige upgrades costing 333B each…. ugghhh

  8. how long it took you to get all of the plants?

  9. Am I the only one that tried to click on the reindeer?

  10. I feel like im never going to get the juicy queenbeats……….

  11. can somebody tell me what i have to exactly do to get jucy queenbeet? i already have the normal queenbeet

  12. dude i thought i got a golden cookie when i heard his sound

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