Cookie Clicker 2 Minute Prism! 1.0411 Version -

Cookie Clicker 2 Minute Prism! 1.0411 Version

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Me playing Cookie Clicker, the addictive idle game that has capitvated many people. Enjoy, but don’t get hooked on cookie clicker like others have.


  1. Impressive. 🙂 I got a legacy of 360 hours, 6 resets. I got 24,822 heavenly chips. 😀 Hopefully when I reset this time around (Going for 150 prisms achievement first,) I'm gonna reach my first one sextillion cookies baked all time. 🙂

  2. you don't click it it sounds like a hack

  3. my uncle hacs over 1million heavenly chips [no cheat] he makes this is like 3o secs xD

  4. hi i just remembered cookie clicker i played last year to new years cause it came out january something 2013 so far the most popular flash game ever

  5. its not written "million, billion etc…" but its written the real whole number of cookie. How did you do that? 

  6. i got 1 nonillion cookies which is about 1.414 billion heavenly chips

  7. LEGIT true neverclick run walkthrough:
    Be patient and let 2 golden cookies with "Lucky" appear you should now have 26 cookies,
    Buy a cursor
    Wait for the cursor to get you enough for another and another till you get 10 cursors,
    Buy other buildings
    Get 1 mil and you are done,

  8. its fake, pause at 1:32 and see is writen : producing 2.2 cookies per second, in cookie clicker hes got 163.5. Nice try man 🙂
    Pause at 4:41 so and see. (sorry for the english i am brazilian lol)

  9. I use my computer and mouse so I got this achievement for clicking really fast

  10. Not helpful
    Mable you do it with a wipe lose every thig so that for the non heavenly chip ppl can figure it out

  11. Hi Nice job:)
    I will do the Kitten managers but it cost: 823 Quintillion
    Session started: 3.400 h ago, and at the moment i make 1,5trillion/sek
    I got 200 cursor and 200granma, 100 of all the rest and 120 prism, The next prsim cost 1.3 quintillion.
    If I stop now and not klick the cookie it will take almost 100 days more to get do the Kitten managers upgrade, Does I do this game wrong? xD 
    Plz help me, you are my only hope 😉 

  12. just right click anywhere on the game click inspect element go to the console
    and write Game.Earn=(numberofcookies)

  13. hi Kirk I just want to know do you use Jitter Clicking?

  14. it is not fake he just has upgrades that you can only get with restarting

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