Cookie Clicker 100% Speedrun : Days 65 - 90 [FINAL] -

Cookie Clicker 100% Speedrun : Days 65 – 90 [FINAL]

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We’re finishing off the series with Bottomless Pit and leaving the pure grinding undone. Hope you enjoyed 🙂

My save files:


  1. EDIT (September 2023): It's been well over year now, but the run is still going. There's still a couple months of sugar lump achievements left. I'll make one last video once the run truly reaches 100%

    UPDATE (June 2023) It's been a year. There wasn't enough footage to make a worthwhile video, so I posted the stats at the 1-year mark in a community post:

  2. make sense, the late game is really tiring and long, its right to end it here

  3. I actually learned allot for cookie clicker thats sad

  4. No worries dude, mental health should definitely be prioritized over anything so don't feel like you're disappointing people, this was super fun to watch while it lasted but I simply can't blame you for ending it <3

  5. Wow my meme is in the video I didn't expect that

  6. I say declare it a new category. One that excludes all of those timelocked achievements.

  7. You got everything valuable out of this challenge. As far as I’m concerned you did this whole thing flawlessly. Thanks for going deep into this crazy game and giving us a glimpse!❤

  8. Can you explain why you sell of 4 * all buildings for Godzamok. Afaik only the first sold off building triggers.

  9. someone already did it, the vid was posted 1 month ago, the channel name is xxfillex geodash (i cant post link or else my comment gets deleted)

  10. Chris, I don't know whether you'll see this, but it's worth sharing. I'm a senior in highschool, currently in the throes of academics and college applications and everything else, and I am so lucky to have found this channel. Six years ago, I moved 600 miles away from home, and in that time, I watched your entire 30-something-episode-long skyblock series, start to finish, in about a week's time. You introduced (a much younger) me to redstone as a concept, and helped me to find a passion in a game I had yet to really explore at the time. You were my first foray into technical minecraft, and your channel was the first real online community I ever felt part of. I never left comments, and I never truly interacted with the community, but I feel like you deserve to know that you helped me to find that interest. I'm incredibly grateful for that. I don't know you – not really, anyway, but I'd like to think that you'd be proud of me.

  11. I suppose you lost interest when the intulectual challenge was gone, only grinding and waiting from this point.

  12. I love how it only takes about 2 an a half months and wow your this far. I give you a hand 👍👋👋

  13. The grind is over! gz.

    This series borrows the addictiveness of cookie clicker.
    Never feel bad about leaving cookie clicker. It's not your friend.

  14. Amazing how far you have gitten wit hsuch a speed. I got my first chancemaker and started the grandmapocalypse near the end of the 6th day, ggs.

  15. i wonder if hell continue it as theres more achivements

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