Cookie Clicker 100% Speedrun : Days 5 - 6 -

Cookie Clicker 100% Speedrun : Days 5 – 6

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With the garden up to 3×3 in size, we can complete it and sacrifice to meet our sugar lump quota for the first week (a day early, too). While doing so we can also squeeze in some golden cookie combies and an ascension.



  1. the only thing that annoyed me was that he used a tidygrass with a 3×3 garden while the everydaisy was growing so the tidygrass was useless

  2. Why do you need the duketaters to hit maturity within half an hour of each other? I have a guess but if that guess is correct then you are wrong and donʼt. If itʼs just for getting lots of cookies from a combo harvest then yeah, all of them being mature at the same time helps. If itʼs for the shriekbulb, immature duketaters count (which is not shown on the wiki garden flowchart).

  3. hey ive been wanting to ask, whats these upgrades at this stamp point? – 2:55

  4. you can scum the garden faster with ctrl+s and ctrl+r

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