Cookie Clicker 100% Speedrun : Days 3 - 4 -

Cookie Clicker 100% Speedrun : Days 3 – 4

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We make it to our first (and second) ascension and thanks to another round of “lump scumming’, we have enough sugar lumps to upgrade the garden mini-game to a 3×3 plot. This means we can get the juicy queenbeet and potentially complete the garden in the next couple days. Along the way, we also discover a strange bug allowing us to extend the “Frenzy” golden cookie effect endlessly. Since this bug is an unavoidable byproduct of save-scumming, I decided to change our rules to allow “glitches”. I figure it’s better to go all-in with exploits since we’re already save-scumming. That being said, the “eternal frenzy” bug wasn’t actually useful at any point.



  1. EDIT (September 2023): It's been well over year now, but the run is still going. There's still a couple months of sugar lump achievements left. I'll make one last video once the run truly reaches 100%

    UPDATE (June 2023) It's been a year. There wasn't enough footage to make a worthwhile video, so I posted the stats at the 1-year mark in a community post:

  2. if you didnt know this you can get a hack by putting opensesame as your name so for your name you can put python saysopensesame and a button in the top left should come up

  3. Glad you're back, I've always liked your cow breeding / exponential growth video, and I suppose this is an example as well. Great first name btw -Chris

  4. it's an intentional feature (as in, the buffs are supposed to stack their times), but the tooltip doesn't update unless you reload. anyways if you're gonna abuse stuff intentional import corruption is pretty cool :p (not sure if it works on steam, but there's not really a reason why it shouldn't)

  5. You in The day 1 have you got 40 Billions, 😄😅

  6. Hey man I have no idea how to use that site you linked on the first video how do I make the code run until the first ascension. I think a great idea would be to make a complete cookie clicker guide just giving a basic explanation of all the mechanics like the grimoire and garden and then make seperate videos giving more in depth guides on specifically the grimoire and garden kind of like what TGG does with the GTA 5 buisnesses

  7. Why do you sell your cursors wenn you get a golden combo?

  8. Recently i got a frenzy, click frenzy, building special and elder frenzy just by luck with the grimoire. with gonzamok, i was able to generate about 1000 years worth of base cps in ~5 seconds. it was wild

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