Cookie Clicker 100% Speedrun : Days 28 - 30 (+ First Month Stats Review) -

Cookie Clicker 100% Speedrun : Days 28 – 30 (+ First Month Stats Review)

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We finish off the first month doing some garden sacrifices, Speed Baking III, and side-quest of a more traditional cookie clicker speedrun. Some extra time is added to the end of this episode where Heather and I sit down and review the first month’s stats together.



  1. Your girlfriend looks so OLD, she can be my GRANDMA!!!!!

  2. Your videos are so entertaining! Good luck with the speedrun!

  3. i wonder if it would be theoretically possible to complete cookie clicker in less than a year by changing the time on ur computer or smth

  4. 18:00 people hate it cus before the 2.048 it took a LOT longer, i had polayed cookie clicker before 2.048 update, within 3 months i only got to around 8 mil. $. The 2.048 update makes this WAY faster.

  5. I’m emotionally invested in this run. Rooting for you.

  6. In Windows if you (Win+V) it shows up your coppy history. or it is a option in windows that you can enable i dont remember. that might help you with the falsly coppying something

  7. please read this there's an option at the bottom of options that all you have to to is save and reload the page and it gives you the add on shadow achievement

  8. Why make scroll thing instead of macro :p

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