Cookie Clicker 100% Speedrun : Days 10 - 16 -

Cookie Clicker 100% Speedrun : Days 10 – 16

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With a lucky sugar lump at the start, we start grinding some of the longer achievements (using some programming along the way to opimize our stock market strategy)

Sugar lump probabilities graphs:
Stock Market simulation code:



  1. I like how whenever he cuts in when he's editing, he still checks golden cookies

  2. Thereʼs an add-on (I know not allowed in your play-through) called Insugar Trading, which does the same “resting price ≠ median price” logic (presumably you care more about median than average here); unfortunately it wasnʼt updated for Cortex Bakers and the simultaneous changing of all stock market logic. Iʼll try to import your simulated data into that.Also I would find it funny and kind of tragic if You came out like a day before the end of the speedrun.

  3. Damn dude. How are you at $13.6 Million Profit in 8 days 16 hours? How much are you actively playing per day? I’ve only got 6 Mil in 7 days.

  4. how are you gonna get the achievement that takes one year?

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