Cookie Clicker 100% Speedrun : Day 2 -

Cookie Clicker 100% Speedrun : Day 2

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We get our first 4 sugar lumps and unlock our first mini-games. Using these we get our first decent golden cookie combos.

My routing software:
Cookie Clicker wiki:
Checkpoint save files:
Lump scumming spreadsheet:



  1. EDIT (September 2023): It's been well over year now, but the run is still going. There's still a couple months of sugar lump achievements left. I'll make one last video once the run truly reaches 100%

    UPDATE (June 2023) It's been a year. There wasn't enough footage to make a worthwhile video, so I posted the stats at the 1-year mark in a community post:

  2. holy shit that sugar lump strat is insane but way too grindy for me

  3. is there a reason you didn't just sell all cursors and also sell all farms and other useless buildings? godzamok can stack more than 100%. also if you want a lot of advice about this game the best players talk strategies in the discord, and have basically abandoned the wiki because some of the stuff on there is wrong.

  4. apparently i have godlike luck, im an amateur at this game but got a golden sugar lump in my first week of playing, i didn't notice until i looked up the status effect it gives

  5. Im a bit sad that I play on phone. It has so much less to it. I have a pc but it costs money and I dont really have any rn

  6. Please tell me you were listening to music or smthg while scumming hte sugur lump, cus that would be mind numbing otherwise

  7. I found your channel from Minecraft but I also click cookies. I draw the line for cheating differently than you do; I generally use the Cookie Monster third-party add-on, which shows lots of extra information but doesnʼt do anything for you, but I donʼt save scum. It took me a while to figure out why you lump scumming should be so hard, because it does show lump type right away.

  8. The start of this video was two days of your progress,
    while that took 6 days for me! How do you go so fast?

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