Cookie Clicker 100% Speedrun : Day 1 -

Cookie Clicker 100% Speedrun : Day 1

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The goal is every achievement, shadow achievement, upgrade, and heavenly upgrade in exactly 365 days. Today we just set the rules, show off some routing software, and knock out the Neverclick and Hardcore achievements.

My routing software:
Cookie Clicker wiki:
Checkpoint save files:



  1. There is 1 problem with your clicking methodI doesn't go CLDLEKKCKDKSKSLSKSKWLWKSKEKSKWand click every 0.00000000000000000000001 secondsthat is average cookie clicker standards

  2. OH YES! I just discovered this series of videos and I'm very happy. I hope you succeeded in your goal. Let's find out 🙂

  3. also btw someone did a perfect 1 year speedrun without any kind of savescumming, mods, external tools, etc. following "competitive rules"

  4. very weird you did neverclick without true neverclick and also that you did this before unlocking lumps so less lump growth time

  5. WOW AMAZING. I can't wait to watch this entire series. I have started playing Cookie Clicker (the steam version) a month ago and I feel like quadrillion is a lot since I've never actually had that much but I have baked that much. I can't wait and maybe I could get a few tips. Also congrats on your speedrun! Can't wait to see your time by the end of the series!

  6. Hahaha, didn't think I'd see some cookie clicker on that channel. Pretty interesting challenge and I hope it comes to fruition! The fact that it's at least gonna take a year is absolutely mind-blowing LOL

  7. You are very underrated, keep up the great work!

  8. I met you through thi and im going to stick with you through this I LOVE THIS GAME

  9. impossible to get all achievements in a year or under because of the level 10 building achievements

  10. Ah yes, 1000000000000000000000000000 (10^27) cookies, or as I like to call it, midgame.

  11. Do you ever plan to post that purchase guide online? It might be useful for other players.

  12. wow i was looking for a letsplay or something on cookie clicker and this is even better! i hope you get the luck you need haha

  13. You can in fact get all of the achievements in a year (less excluding so much to do so much to see) without scumming, just with intensive garden saccing

  14. I'll start off by saying that the strength of will required to be under constant time pressure for a whole year is no small feat.
    That being said, i've just finished doing all achievements and shadow achievements in a year without savescumming, so I find this video pretty funny.

  15. Good luck on your journey, always fun to see people spend vast amounts of time to try to achieve spectacular things with sheer dedication.
    Keeping that in mind, I just finished my run to get all achievements and shadow achievements in one year without savescumming, like Lookas did.

  16. i didnt add a mod but my game bugged out and gave it to me for saving a reloding the page

  17. if you ever did decide to do cheated cookies taste awful and third party you could do them right at the end before the final achievement that way you have all of them and theyve technically not affected gameplay. but i do understand why theyve been left out

  18. You have truly earned a cookie clicker veterans respect

  19. You motivated me to do this, thank you 🙏 god may bless you

  20. i love cookie clicker myself and have an account running right now so this is a really interesting series

  21. Loved the RedstoneJazz content back in the days. Cool to see that you came back to youtube, and I'm happy that I found your content again. <3 I looked in the playlist and saw that this speedrun died, but will probably watch the entire thing anyway. 😀

  22. 9 months ago, it will take a year. Hell yeah.

    This is exactly what I always thought about when playing.

  23. I find your routing stuff really cool and interesting, because I myself tried to do something similar. I have made a browser extension that always calculates and shows the best next purchase. It really got me digging deep into the cookie clicker code and it was a really fun project. Haven't gotten a official version out for the Cortex Baker update yet tho, because the wrinkler code is causing me some headaches. 🙂 Very cool, good luck!

  24. Could you make some videos explaining the code and how to use the website?

  25. Hey there, awesome video! I'm excited to see where this goes. I'm really interested in the python code you wrote as I'm currently seeking a phd in applied math, maybe even in optimization. Do you have a short recap of how it works?

  26. bro literally predicted everyone who watched this correctly

  27. damn i checked out the replit for the nevercore sim but i didn't see it in the categories 🙁

  28. Man great claps you spent a long time on this steam game very dedicated to that craft continue doing your best and what you like 😊

  29. is it possible to make the script save it as a txt file

  30. Your idle routing chart looks different when I click the link and tells me to buy upgrades pls tell me how to fix

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