Cookie Clicker: 1 Million Cookie Speedrun [23:30.9] (Former World Record) -

Cookie Clicker: 1 Million Cookie Speedrun [23:30.9] (Former World Record)

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Best. Speedrun. Ever. LOL

gg Spyrunite. 😛

Turned out that the x7 for 77 seconds cookies were added to the game right before I did this run.

Current WR: (6:39)

In all seriousness, me and Spyrunite were discussing routes and stuff…. I had some math behind my route and methods… but… rng is the winner — pure luck.

PS. I’m never running this game again. xD
PPS. Do you like my overreactions? 😀


UPDATE: Here is my original route (credit to Spyrunite also, for chatting and figuring the route with me):

[This was my plan before starting]

-Get cursor and first cursor upgrade (for +2 on each click)
-Get to second cursor upgrade (for +4 on each click)
-Get 4 mines (10,000 cookies for first mine, the 4th should be 15,xxx)
-Get 4 Shipments
-Get 2 Alchemy Labs
-Depending on how run goes, try for another alch lab (I thought I should get 3), otherwise, shipment, otherwise mine, etc
-when less than 50,000 cookies are needed to get to 1 mil, spend on anything you can, down to farms
-yeah, that’s basically it… it’s not a well-defined route, and should be adjusted depending on the golden cookies

[Notes after this run:]

Now that I’ve seen the 7×77 golden cookies… I think it is probably more profitable to spend on factories to take advantage of them (depending on when during the run golden cookies appear)
I am sure there are better routes, but, definitely changes need to be done to take advtange of the golden cookies. (pray to rng gods? :P)


  1. Game Started: 21 hours ago —–> 6,2 Billion p/sec



    16 hours playing 😀

  4. These are my current stats:
    Cookies in bank :
    Cookies baked (all time) :
    Game started : 22 hours ago
    Buildings owned : 776
    Cookies per second : 21,960,458.3 (multiplier : 151%)
    Cookies per click : 660,501.3
    Cookie clicks : 245,466
    Hand-made cookies : 142,401,699,781
    Golden cookie clicks : 23

    How am I going so far ?

  5. currently at 35.5 billion per second and 7 quadrillion all time baked

  6. this is not a lie! ive been playing this game for like 2 months and i have 1387732 Antimattere condensers and 100022 shipments 😛 and i get like 4.999.999.999.999 cookies per second

  7. the game came out on august 8th, and the big update came out much later. you couldn't have played for 2 months on the same file. also, most people know how to cheat, including you

  8. *hits 1,000,000 cookies in almost 24 minutes*
    *doesn't know about x7 for 77 seconds.

  9. here some music for you its on youtube " september"l typographyl Lolman1031

  10. 3 days, I'm at 3 billion cps and 22,000 cookie clicks

  11. I've seen a lot of people use this software for speedruns, what is it?

  12. i was clicking so fast i think i like chipped part of my rib

  13. i've played for 4 days and i have 42 million cps

  14. ive played for 3 weeks and i just need 1 more archievement to end the game… just 1!
    The Blue cat of 999,999,999,999,999 of cookies

  15. The program I used is called Wsplit… it's pretty simple. I recommend speedrunslive (dotcom) if you wanna learn more about speedrunning in general 🙂

  16. I ahve been playing for 4 days and i 100% it already

  17. XD ok? i hard reset mine and i have 38 mil CPS in less then a day so gtfo and btw a QUADRILLION cookies is 1,000,000,000,000,000 so fuck you

  18. Wow why do you have to be so mean i was just saying something. You don't have to be mean to someone just because they disagree with you. If you do this all the time i think you need some mental help.

  19. No im just suprised how fucking dumb you are kid

  20. Well i feel you are possibly a troll and I'm just feeding you so I'm going to ignore you from now on GOOD DAY SIR!

  21. I dont beilieve you did that legit but ok? i dont care i know people have more cookies and i am 95% SURE that you arent legit.

  22. xd im possibly a troll you are like 5 years old kid!

  23. I assure you that I am legit. I have been playing this game for 19 days casually. If I had been playing it like an addicted fucker I would have 2x to 3x more.

  24. Kids getting salty over a game where you CLICK A FUCKING COOKIE

  25. Or use proper capitalization and punctuation.

  26. Roflmao, getting that amount is easy if you use golden cookies.

  27. Once you get a bunch of factory's and portals, you pretty much don't even have to click anymore. I started playing last night and I have 10 million cookies. So, yeah.. he probably got that many cookies by himself.

  28. adding on crusor upgrades on this version can make your clicks well over 100,000. It is based on your cps

  29. You get 100 billion in 24 minutes? This is a speedrun, you moron.

  30. The video started and I thought my music turned back on! XD

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