Cookie Clicker: 1 Million Cookie Speedrun [23:30.9] (Former World Record) -

Cookie Clicker: 1 Million Cookie Speedrun [23:30.9] (Former World Record)

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Best. Speedrun. Ever. LOL

gg Spyrunite. 😛

Turned out that the x7 for 77 seconds cookies were added to the game right before I did this run.

Current WR: (6:39)

In all seriousness, me and Spyrunite were discussing routes and stuff…. I had some math behind my route and methods… but… rng is the winner — pure luck.

PS. I’m never running this game again. xD
PPS. Do you like my overreactions? 😀


UPDATE: Here is my original route (credit to Spyrunite also, for chatting and figuring the route with me):

[This was my plan before starting]

-Get cursor and first cursor upgrade (for +2 on each click)
-Get to second cursor upgrade (for +4 on each click)
-Get 4 mines (10,000 cookies for first mine, the 4th should be 15,xxx)
-Get 4 Shipments
-Get 2 Alchemy Labs
-Depending on how run goes, try for another alch lab (I thought I should get 3), otherwise, shipment, otherwise mine, etc
-when less than 50,000 cookies are needed to get to 1 mil, spend on anything you can, down to farms
-yeah, that’s basically it… it’s not a well-defined route, and should be adjusted depending on the golden cookies

[Notes after this run:]

Now that I’ve seen the 7×77 golden cookies… I think it is probably more profitable to spend on factories to take advantage of them (depending on when during the run golden cookies appear)
I am sure there are better routes, but, definitely changes need to be done to take advtange of the golden cookies. (pray to rng gods? :P)


  1. It's funny because I'm playing cookie clicker right now. Try 1,000,000,000 CpS! XD

  2. 1 mil cookies in 15 min shadow achivement was easy enough to get.

  3. Oh stahp! It's definitely Tapping's "a idiot"!!!!

  4. u suck my friend got to 1mill when u were at 192k

  5. I was at like 5 days but then my bro reset the router without telling me and my computer totaally went rage and i lost everything

  6. Dude! It's possible to get x777 on clicking for 14 secs! I got 1 million cuz of that!

  7. Yup! This run was done on version 1.03… and it was right after they added 7×77 which is why I changed my route during the run. xD But yeah, the current world record is now under 7 mins because of the new golden cookies.

  8. in 30 mins i got 5 billion in mins and i dont have the cheat achivemient so im the best the around

  9. dangit i cant proof it but (limited digit thing) but i got 5 billion cps in 30 and i wanna proof it but the cookie clicker code is to long and no hacks (cause i dont have the cheat achi.) used

  10. i got 131614946200814890 cookies in total (worth 512 heavenly chips)
    if you dont believe me i can give the code but it takes alot of space

  11. Juste un commentaire français qui passe par là.

  12. how do you get the 4 quadrillion clicker upgrade? pls answer

  13. i believe you… i got 620 heavenly… with 3 reset

  14. now i got 1012 heavenly chips 42 antimatter condensers in a half hour 🙂


    its a code put into inport save for fun

  16. i got 4.8 million a second in like 30 minutes

  17. THIS IS SHIT BRO every time I play this I can get 10 trillion in 35 minutes and I get 60 million In 5 minutes

  18. I can get 8e+29 cookies within 2 minutes. No joke. cough Google Chrome developer tools cough

  19. I have 200bil cookie no jokes! With script hack 🙂

  20. This is Nothing Compared with me! Im Addicted to this game and i have saved 
    7.492.913.486.145 Cookies in My Phone!. I Get 180.000 Million Cookies every sec!

  21. I know how he do he like vibrate with his fingers

  22. dose any one else use mouse and the click button on laptop at the same time ???

  23. Wow i have 10 billion cookies and i have been playing the game only for a hour

  24. Wow this is horrible speed run im not even focusing on mine and I got 20 mins and I have only been clicking for 5 mins

  25. Ahhh lol I got 2 mill in 23:20 and not even trying granted I got 2 golden cookies

  26. i'm getting 1.382 Billion and i have 55 trillion cookies 😀 LOL

  27. Your music choice is terrible and its too loud bro.

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