Cookie Clicker -

Cookie Clicker

Judd The Galaxy pro
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  1. Nice video Jude. By the way, with a video this big you will get some mean comments. Please don't let them hurt you. And don't be afraid to delete a comment if it is too mean or sometimes it is best to not even read the comment section.

  2. Why does the design of the table make it look messy?

  3. Good one. But id use my click speed as a gamer for it

  4. When you ask your mom for cookies to make a TikTok but she only allows you to have 3

  5. He stole all the cookies just to make this vid

  6. Now time to hire more grannies so you can get more cookies per second…

  7. If that table is actually designed like that, I’m so sorry that it looks like cookie crumbs haha

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