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Cookie clicker by Orteil:

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  1. When did a game about clicking a cookie become a literal apocalypses of Grandmas???

  2. Youtube be like: let me just recommend this to you.

  3. I enslave veitnamiese grandma's to make more cookies

  4. Cookies perpetuate the economy, if we start eating anything else, we're dead.

  5. Gotta love piercing the heavens with a fucking cookie

  6. I'm watching this while playing cookie clicker. Nice.

  7. oh, what’s this? an upgrade, it says…second mind?

  8. Imagine if cookie clicker got in smash, how pissed would people be?

  9. You feel like watching Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann again.

  10. Odd… I didn't expect this vid to have such low views…

  11. oh hey a number went up
    what if we do that again-
    his fate was sealed

  12. i'm so glad i found this video again. It's been 8 years and i still think about it!

  13. i remembered this video today and it took an annoying amount of time to find it. but i did.

  14. Damn this meme is advanced for its time

  15. this is one of the videos that inspired me to get into not only video editing but content creation in general

  16. This video was uploaded 10 days after the very first version of Cookie Clicker was released to the public.
    Meaning 1 of 2 things.
    a. The uploader played like his life depended on it for a single day then spent the other 9 editing this video.
    b. The uploader played a bit more casually, gathering gameplay footage over 9 days and then edited this video within a single day.
    Either or, this video will forever be legendary in my eyes, can could very well be considered the first Cookie Clicker meme.

  17. LFG - Lightning Fast Gaming Plus Little Frog Guy says:

    8 years ago he predicted 420. Wow.

  18. This should have been the trailer afford to steam version but remastered

  19. This was made in 2013 and its funny because the editing is almost better than today's editing 💀

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