Coding Cookie Clicker with Python in 6 minutes -

Coding Cookie Clicker with Python in 6 minutes

Sup Man
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Cookie clicker was one of my favorite games to play several years back. Watch me, a programmer code this game from scratch.

Sup man! This was a fun project. I didn’t think it would be too hard to make, but I still wanted to make it to prove I could do it. If enough people want a tutorial, I’ll make one. Anyways, hope you have a good day!

KaizanBlu – 4am


Run the main.exe file.
Inside is also the .py file if anyone wants to look at the code. It’s only like 500 lines or so.


  1. Dude, im learning programming (i've done head first python only ><) and you are coding exactly what im trying to do as a hobby. But when i watched your videos i realized the skilled needed to buid it are so high :'( thank you, i will try to improve my level by watching the code on the video ! 🙂 what a coincidence x)

  2. what did you use to make this did you use like pycharm of idle or somthin

  3. I would have loved if the exe file was a py file so i can see what you have done. But in general Great vid and it is amazing

  4. Ok guys i will make a new operating system in 5 seconds (sets video speed to 9999x)

  5. where is the git hub repo? i would like to see the .py too

  6. Ay this is cool!
    Just created my first actual clicker game. I do have problems with the passive income part though, as I don't know how to make a program do something while it has to response to my actions.
    Could you make a video going deeper into this?

  7. i need tutorial plsssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  8. podrias encontrar alguien o hacerlo tu mismo que te subtitule los videos de forma oficial y no con el automatico?, así luego el traductor se encargaria de todo pero con la diferencia de que traduciria todo lo oficial de los subtitulos en ingles ya que el automatico a veces traduce cualquier cosa

  9. Great videos, chief. I'd love to see how you remade cookie clicker here.

  10. Is anyone else struggling with a syntax error saying that "pygame.Surface has no attribute 'scaled' ", if you are can you please tell me how to fix it, as I am altering this code with different values and I can't even get it to click right.

    Edit: nvm, I fixed it by removing the scale variable, but would still like to know for future projects.

  11. "In 6 minutes"
    Sees the video is completely sped up
    Me: Right so nope.

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