Can You Play Cookie Clicker With Your Heart? -

Can You Play Cookie Clicker With Your Heart?

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A better way to play Cookie Clicker.
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  1. i have a heart condition called ectopic atrial tachycardia, which cause my heart to fluctuate between 50 and 250 beats per minute. with this in mind, I would be willing to take anyone at a 1v1 cookie clicker heart rate competition

  2. Fun fact: With the Uno (at least the official one, not sure about rebrands), there is an HID bootloader called "HoodLoader2" that can be used to get it to act like an HID device. That way you can use the hardware you already have in the future!

  3. Put ingame name as 'Bijuu saysopensesame', its cool

  4. did you know: if you out your name teh space and out saysopenseasme it will give you basically a admin and you can add 1k cookies and you can make it infinity in almost 1 1/2 minutes

  5. As if your heart didn't do much enough… lmao

  6. Your heart being fast can be due to exercise, or build up of fat in the arteries caused by many reasons, so I guess being unhealthy can improve your amount of clicks because of your arteries becoming blocked improves your heart beat 😀 (This may be wrong cause this is just my basic knowledge of hearts, hah)

  7. The flex when you started exercising is insane

  8. A curious fact the i think interesting to share about:

    by the fact the heart of human beat 60 and 100 for minutes, but the hole day of heart beating with be 104,000, and that you with achievent 100k of cookies. but to get 1M Cookies you need to spent 9,7 days for get exacty 1M beats, using the math the calculations with be 104,000 × 9,7 = 1,008,800.

    And if wee multiply 365 for the days (what is exacty the 1 year), the results with be 37,960,000 beats, and this is closs to get 38M. Now a new question, "how exacty beats tou need to get 1B cookies?". Using math again, with using the 37M to multiply per year the multiplier using 26,35, and the results with be 1,000,246,000, and this tou need to spend your 26,35 years to get 1B.

    now imagine it reaches 1 trillion beats? Or else more then 1 trillion? Well, i gonna let this questions for your calculation.

  9. Wait, you don't want to play horror game?

  10. lolz i can get my heart pumping so much easier but probably less powerful just by running 9999999999 miles an pico second

  11. finally a good way to check your pulse

  12. So you turned a simple game to a exercising game where the more you exercise the more your heart beats the faster it clicks/works seems great for people who weigh over 200 sitting in their room only playing cookie clicker while eating instant noodles

  13. i was expecting him to beat the game like that ngl


  15. someone should play rhythm doctor with this

  16. "Controlling Pac-man with Naruto hand signs" someone get Ethoslab in on this lol

  17. Actually cookie clicker has a cps cap of ~50 cps iirc

  18. 10000 Cookie Speedruns Boutta Be Crazy. Cant Wait For The Caffeine Skip

  19. Uhm actually placid plastic duck simulator (like 3 bucks on steam btw, masterpiece. i reccomend it.) would be the simplest, not requiring a SINGULAR INPUT to win.

  20. play the scp foundation game or whatever where you have to blink constantly, connect your heart to the blink and try to keep as calm as possible when you're staring into scp173

  21. You could write a "driver"(in python, for example) for an Arduino uno(or even something smaller like nano) to read from the serial port and convert the data it's getting into macro clicking.
    It's a lot of work, but… saved 25$ are saved 25$

  22. Guys
    Guys those were archer pushups
    Guys you don't understand those are so hard

  23. hey man thank u for this video 🙂 u tb bein a stem student like kinda made me remember this tech shit isnt always just a little fun niche hobby like i can turn my love for ts into a career, yk? ive been kinda struggling just looping my days rn im watching youtube getting stoned in my room playing gta v online. I know i have alot of potential i love software hardware i love coding scripting networking i love it all i looove cybersecurity im only 16 but i been like obsessed w computers and always been so naturally inclined to learning about them and making stuff with them. U kinda like reminded me i gotta like lock in like im 16 my financial situation is well not great we lost the house, long story short: net income went down about 500/month, net payments for rent went up about 900/month, we losing like alot of money out of savings and shit and i gotta get out of this situation yk u reminding me like i gotta do my highschool shit get dat shit done and den get tf out this bum ass town in fuckin illinois idk what kind of college to do, im thinking some kind of computer programming degree if theres one that actually would be useful, maybe like cybersecurity digital forensics, maybe a business degree so if i need to do any freelance type work i can easily manage it well. Anyways.. idk im yapping but i just wanted to say thanks im a struggling kid very mentally ill lots of trauma and ive been kind of in a really bad headspace recently and have kindof js been on autopilot i dont even think or feel anymore but u kinda js like slapped me into reality like yo… i could like put dis noggin to work

  24. Actually🤓☝: You can do banking, magic, and more after you ascend in cookie clicker.

  25. your like code bullet! but if you were a much cheaper version

  26. me increasing my cookie output from 85 in a minute to 132 in a minute by simply standing up

  27. Your girlfriend looks like the gorilla glue hair girl

  28. Now I know how many cookies I would have if I my heart in a work out did it

  29. Why are you doing yoga? If your goal is to maximize your heart rate you should do cardio; the category of workouts that are specifically designed to increase your heart rate

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