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C418 – Cookie Clicker [Full Soundtrack, Visuals]

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C418 – Cookie Clicker full OST download:

00:00:00 hover
00:01:36 click
00:10:08 grandmapocalypse
00:15:12 ascend
00:20:06 click forever

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  1. I remember booting up the steam version of the game and hearing the music and thinking "Man this kinda sounds like minecraft music" only to find out it's made by the same composer lmao

  2. I would also like you to upload my first full album like you did with c418

  3. I would also like you to upload my first full album like you did with c418

  4. Damn C418 didn't had to drop so hard on a game about clicking cookies but the madlad did anyway!

  5. these people who made this music are so F#&@*#! GOOD AT IT

  6. I like how “grandmapocalypse” really encapsulates the feeling of the grandmapocalypse, you are at this point the overlord of the world, allowing the world to be engulfed in disaster. I love it

  7. 2011 C418 composes the music for Minecraft 2021 C418 composes the music for a Cookie Clicker

  8. Click felt nostalgic the first time I listened to it. The drums that come in at 2:08 really give some vibes.

  9. this is one of the most beautiful things I've ever heard in my life. the feeling of nostalgia/happiness and sadness that these songs bring is inexplicable…

    C418 is a musical genius.

    all the songs follow the same melody, but each one has elements that make them unique… that's just amazing.

    Hover with no beats, Grandmapocalypse with harder notes…
    C418 puts a lot more feelings into simple games like cookie clicker and Minecraft, making them more special.

  10. This seriously sounds like a soundtrack to some super underrated game on Xbox Live Arcade that no one talks about.

  11. Uh Cookie clicker has working Xbox due press a for a cookie to get and uh you can figure out the rest on your own

  12. Bro me and my friend were just talking about how the cookie clicker theme sounds like Minecraft, and when I look at the creator of this song its C418. Amazing.

  13. This is just a game about clicking cookies. Don't go so hard.

  14. the same jackal sniper that killed you on halo 2 says:

    Grandmapocalype legit sounds like something from doom.

  15. yesterday is the first day i realized that this album is actually the OST for cookie clicker

  16. i usually have a favorite for his albums but this one; i don't have a favorite… there all awesome!

  17. Does the grandmapocalypse music remind anyone else of the TF2 Mann Versus Machine music?

  18. i think c418 can actually make any video game soundtrack sound good.

  19. Gosh this got stuck in my head and I love it and had to listen to it on this playlist

  20. This game goes from "Lo-Fi beats to relax and click cookies to" to "Lo-Fi beats to relax and create otherworldly eldritch grandmother's to"

  21. Honestly C418 music just works for a game like Cookie Clicker, and this soundtrack would fit right in with Minecraft, yet it has a distinct feel all its own.

  22. 53K views?
    C’mon ppl, stop sleeping on C418 !
    This is the MINECRAFT producer showing us new music here…

  23. Grandmapocalypse reminds me of Hollywood from Vampire Masquerade Bloodlines for some reason.

  24. Significantly better than the new Minecraft music

  25. i feel like over time you become the "villain" of cookie clicker, causing everything to go bad

  26. Man first minecraft, then cookie clicker. C418 is Mr.Nostilgic

  27. I really like this music, it's so calming to me

  28. Any sufficiently crude magic is indistinguishable from technology.

  29. "it's just a silly clicker game, no need to go crazy with the music"
    carefully constructs one of the greatest pieces of audio available on the web

  30. these songs really bang. Makes playing cookie clicker an amazing experience. You can tell c418 pours his whole soul in every piece he makes, and the quality of his music speaks for that. I am glad to be blessed with his music every time I play my favorite games

  31. I think Ascend is such an underrated track. It is RIDICULOUSLY hard to make ambient music on this level. Obviously C418 has had plenty of experience in this genre but for real creating something like this, especially with no percussion setting a pace for the music, takes major talent and creativity. I liken it to other ambient pioneers like Boards of Canada or most notably Dave Tipper. If anyone is itching for more like this I highly recommend checking out Tipper’s COSM Ambient mix. You won’t be disappointed. Happy listening!

  32. You click, and you earn
    You buy, so you get
    You rise, yet you want
    You aware, but you keep
    You stop

    or they bake, make, collapse, become,
    the grandmapocalypse

  33. “It’s just a funny game about making extremely high amounts of cookies, i bet the soundtrack won’t hit that hard”

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