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C418 – Cookie Clicker – full EP (2021)

Psychedelic Angel
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01. hover – 00:00
02. click – 01:36
03. grandmapocalypse – 10:08
04. ascend – 15:12
05. click forever – 20:06

The official soundtrack to Cookie Clicker, somehow. If you’ve ever wanted to feel like suffocating the universe with cookie dough, but wanted it to sound chill, boy do we have the soundtrack for you! Created by music dude who also happened to have worked on Minecraft as well, C418. In his words “I ate a cookie once”.

released September 1, 2021


  1. c418 this amazing music artist has given us so much like this COUGH COUGH (Minecraft Music) COGUHT COUGH

  2. i always knew the soundtrack sounded like c418's style. glad i was right about who composed it

  3. Why does this music makes me feel sad?

  4. Makes me feel nostalgic for a game I never played.

  5. Soundtrack que escucho una vez, soundtrack que escucho hasta el hartazgo

  6. Possibly the best artist they could have gone with. Fascinating stuff, and great launch.

  7. still questioning if c418 did cookie clicker ost or if it's just a daydream that i'm having

  8. Oh who can definitely tell this is C418, the music is just so beautiful

  9. Wait when does Click forever happen??

  10. You feel like making cookies, but nobody wants to eat your cookies.

  11. i'm actually confused if it's c418, can't be, sounds nothing like minecr-

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