best cookie clicker garden combo -

best cookie clicker garden combo

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I got so many cookies from this omg!!!

How to do:
Step 1: Get dragonflight
Step 2: Harvest non-mature Juicy Queenbeet
Step 3: Harvest non-mature Everdaisy
Step 4: Click the harvest all button on the garden
Step 5: PROFIT

Results: I made 15.614 quinvigntillion cookies from this combo (15.614e78).
This is about as good as combos can get in Cookie Clicker. To do any better would be hacking or savescumming. This was done 100% legit without savescumming. If you didn’t see any cookie gain, the combo gains cookies only after the dragonflight expires. This is undoubtedly the best combo. I tried. No other no scum combo can compete with this epic garden combo, even ones that don’t use the garden. The Cookie Clicker garden is often said to be bad for combos, but this is one of a few select counterexamples to that claim. The Cookie Clicker garden is not only good for getting sugar lumps fast, but it is also good for getting an insane amount of cookies. The setup time for this combo was around 3 days, to set up the garden. Other than that, the dragonflight took me about an hour of waiting. I was using the auras of reality bending and radiant appetite. If you don’t use radiant appetite, then you don’t get as big as profits (around 12.4 quattuorvigntillion, 12.4e75). The pantheon is unnecessary in achieving such high numbers from this combo: It affects this combo by so little, that it is negligible when considering the gains. The grimoire can also be considered useless. It is a little known fact that the grimoire is actually the most useless minigame in Cookie Clicker for achieving such powerful garden combos. If this doesn’t work for you, too bad. Just get better. For more information on how this combo works, join the Cookie Clicker discord:


  1. OMG i was trying to know more about gardens but suddenly, in the comments was a doppelganger of me. (and the image looks exactly the same, but sorry about the nonsence).

  2. For people who don't get it this is a joke.

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