Best Autoclicker Scripts in Cookie Clicker -

Best Autoclicker Scripts in Cookie Clicker

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In this video we’re rating the best Cookie Clicker autoclicker scripts. These autoclickers are the most popular scripts from the Cookie Clicker wiki and subreddit.

We’re ranking these autoclickers by how fast they can hit one million and ten million cookies. We’re not looking for Cookie Clicker cheats though – we want legitimate autoclickers.

What will the best Cookie Clicker autoclicker be? Watch to find out!

The Cookie Clicker autoclicker scripts that we’re rating are:
Uncanny Cookie Clicker:
Cookie Clicker Helper:
Frozen Cookies:

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00:00 – Intro
01:08 – The Autoclicker Scripts
02:10 – Uncanny Cookie Clicker
05:56 – Cookie Clicker Helper
06:22 – Crustulum
07:56 – Frozen Cookies
11:54 – Cookies and Tears
15:24 – Autoclicker Rankings
16:23 – Outro

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Cookie Clicker Online:
Cookie Clicker Steam:


  1. Is it possible to make an autoclicker for the steam version that doesnt have a console? i think the spiffing brits approach would be working there

  2. I keep trying to click the cookie forgetting that this is a video

  3. Nice breakdown of how you go about these scripts. Really nice to watch! 👏

  4. Why click the cookie, when you can make the cookie click its self

  5. So much cookie clicking!!! 😂🤣 I'm will be dreaming about clicking cookies for months now!

  6. If i buy you the game on steam can you make a script outside the game almisser like an auto cliker

  7. The frozen cookie thing isn’t autobuying what should I do

  8. I'm not sure which auto clickers has it but there is a bug with golden cookie storms where the auto golden cookie clicker registers it as a normal golden cookie instead of a storm cookie basically giving you every effect from a golden cookie and your save is basically done for (unless you want to play on a "cheated" run). I do know this happens with Uncanny Cookie Clicker.

  9. Dude the second I click start on my auto clicker, it instantly gets to 100,000,000 cookies

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