Beating COOKIE CLICKER in 2020 -

Beating COOKIE CLICKER in 2020

Crispy Concords
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Trying to beat cookie clicker in the year 2020…
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Today we play the classic and fun browser game, Cookie Clicker. The objective is simple: click cookies. Join me on my quest to speedrun this game to 1 billion cookies. No cheats or hacks were used in this video.

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  1. Maybe try to get to 1 vigintillion (last acheivement

  2. What’s the funniest thing the name should be ur mom

  3. on your cheats video i accidentally got to many good things and i cant go back pls someone help me

  4. 9:33 : “Duck In Game Stop set to be this year’s most popular baby name

    I feel so bad for those babies.

  5. i have only 10T but in school i had 300T cookies

  6. by sunday i will have 160 quadrillion cookies, beat that.

  7. Bruh you did not click the golden cookie

  8. I have 22b I’ve been playing since 2010

  9. Make your name Frozen burger saysopensesame

  10. Not me watching this halfway through 2021

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