Another New Cookie Clicker Beta Update! -

Another New Cookie Clicker Beta Update!

Aza Nice
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New cookie clicker beta is here, this time with the jukebox and more heavenly upgrades. It looks like unshackled just boosts the production of all building, I had trouble finding this out in the video lol. Get ready to unleash your inner beast! 🐯💥 Altered Beast game online is now available on SEGA Forever! 🎮💻 Explore ancient ruins, battle fierce monsters, and uncover hidden treasures in this classic action RPG. 🏹💥
Mouse cursor:#ad checkout


  1. Accidentally rendered in 720p, please forgive me guys it wont happen again 🙏

  2. I have been just collecting sugar lumps. A new beta might bring me back

  3. small improvement to queenbeet strategy:
    when u get a frenzy and a wrath cookie on screen, turn on the golden switch before clicking it in case its an elder frenzy. it might seem like a waste of money, but the golden switch cost is boosted by an insane amount when u get an elder frenzy, so you'll lose more cookies by turning it on during an elder frenzy than by repeatedly doing it before getting f+ef.

  4. i’ve always thought that getting that trevigintillion cookies were useless. But now,

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