An Army of Grandmas Make me Millions of Cookies (Cookie Clicker) -

An Army of Grandmas Make me Millions of Cookies (Cookie Clicker)

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Thank you grandma, very cool!

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  1. i think if you name your bakery "opensesame" (something like that) you can get access to stuff like +1k cookies and i think if you get enough grandmas you can start a apocalypse (i forgot how its done)

  2. Hey matt, there's a little secret in cookie clicker! Change your name to "hisaysopensesame" and then, click the upper left corner, then press the buttons to get more cookies!

  3. Matt: I love vegans

  4. Spam the top bar that contains messages and it will give you an achievement called tabloid addiction also click the info tab scroll to the bottom and click on the madeline and go to the achievement tab and click on the question mark right of the name achievment

  5. And advice: you should try to get as many achievements as you can,they boost your CPS a lot.

  6. Been playing this a bunch.
    When a building gets 1,10,50,100,150,200 etc they get a new upgrade.
    The kittens are the top priority for buying. The more achievements you get the more bonus they give.
    The latest 3 building are usually the only ones to focus on, but the grandma upgrades that boost other buildings are good. Also the cursor buildings get good at 100, 200, 300 etc as their upgrades keep them relevant for a while
    Would recommend looking at the cookie clicker wiki for the achievement section to grab a few vveerryy easy achievements.

  7. tip : the kitten upgrades that says “You gain more Cps the more milk you have “ It’s meaning the achievements you have you gain more cookies per second.

  8. I am disappointed of this comment section for not being filled with "ZAMN!" due to the thumbnail

  9. "I wanna click my own cookies man!"
    Says Matt 3 minutes in and I imagine that his sentiment will surely change soon later if he keeps up that attitude

  10. I played this all the time in Freshman typing class Cookie clicker was the Perfect pass time for when I got my work done . Matt is hitting all the nostalgic series

  11. Click the small cooki in the stas go to info and scroll all the way down and clikc the thing that looks like a thumb click the ? Beside the achievement what in a name shrink the screen and dunk the cookie uncanny clikc is were you put on a auto clicker and clikc the cookei and then put the auto clikcer on the news (were it said “why dont you visit more often”)

  12. I waited for this ever since his first one, suggested it in the comments countless times

  13. Gay games everyday, wheres your funny content

  14. When your having a bad day then you see a mattshea video you now your going to have fun

  15. She's 12? Zad
    She's 106??? ZAMN

  16. If u type in the name opensesamedababy u get hacks

  17. 8:20 you take both hands off your computer but somehow still clicking🤨🤨🤨


  19. This reminds me of "make it rain" witch is a classic I think it would do well for a video matt

  20. I've once had 10,000 year old grandmas,I put an auto clicker on the button to make them older making me have more cps 10,000 times. The auto clicker clicked one every millisecond

  21. Matt, dont continue with this, this game may consume your life if you are not careful

  22. I have 77% 414/532 of the achievements and 146 hours with approximately 31 sugar lumps harvested…. yeah I play cookie clicker

  23. It can take years to get all the rebirth upgrades and normal upgrades and achievements and hiden achievements

  24. I know a hack for this game, if you go to the name of you're bakery and change it to "[insert you're name here]saysopensesame" if you look in the upper left corner of the screen you get a dev tools, which is disguised and a fps menu.

  25. cheat comment: if you say opensesame then your name it gonna open something

  26. I spent the first 4 days of my playthrough not using an autoclicker before switching before realising I had gotten to a point where it was okay, and eventually to a point it didn't make sense not to. it's understandable not to use it early game sense it basically skips it, but once towers start making more than individual clicks, it becomes okay, and for "combos" in the late game, an autoclicker is basically required.

  27. zamn (shes 106?!?!1?!11//)
    😎😎 🥵👵🏻🥵

  28. If you will do this again rename your bakery and also rename your bakery to “___ saysopensesame” I think that is how it is meant to be to get access to an admin panel

  29. If u put ur bakery name as mattsaysopensesame u get hacks lol
    Idk if it works on steam version tho

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