All Achievements And Upgrades Cookie Clicker Walkthrough! -

All Achievements And Upgrades Cookie Clicker Walkthrough!

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1. Type your bakery’s name (ex: fish)

2. Add saysopensesame (ex: fishsaysopensesame)


  1. i wanted to know how to get the achievements not how to cheat 😢

  2. what is ur search history "cock monster big fat juicy dick"

  3. '' cock monster big fat juicy dick''💀💀💀

  4. but this is the chrome version and not the actual version

  5. To be honest its not really cheating plus i don't know how to cheat on cookie clicker i play on phone

  6. I didn’t know the game had public dev tools I thought everything had to be done through the console

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  8. 11/10 video my favorite part is when it shows Mr. Pappycap74's recent searches so I can see how to spell cokie cleker no other reason. 😳😳😳😳

  9. so i was messing around wit h the dev menu and got inf cookies lol i broke the game: how to do it just keep clicking x1k

  10. People complaining that he cheated meanwhile he gave us a free shadow achievement. Thank you

  11. Same search history thx for the totorial

  12. ngl this just ruins the fun for me, its more fun when you slowly do it and unlock things that way.

  13. This guy had to wipe his save to get the achievements for us. I respect that.

  14. Tysm! And for anyone saying or thinking it’s cheating or something it’s not if anyone starting fresh in the game can do it in one click. It’s a game feature

  15. bro thats not a walkthrough thats cheating

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