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A Cookie Clicker Speedrun? Without Clicking The Cookie???

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So this was a fun little side project I wanted to give a try! A Cookie Clicker True Neverclick Speedrun! Basically, You have to get the True Neverclick achievement as fast as you can. That means 1 Million Cookies without clicking ONCE. I still can’t believe we got a time of 45:14! Definitely want to give this another try later on!

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I really hope you enjoy the videos!

God bless! Take care! ROCK ON!!!


  1. Cookie clciker speedrun but you use drumsticks as clicks

  2. pitty there is not a mod that would let you Drum in place of clicking the cookie

  3. Did my first run ever and got a 43:57. Got some lucky x7's early on to help me get that time though lol.

  4. Shouldn't you play with the christmas season active because reindeer drop 25 cookies making the beggining go by much faster.

  5. The fact that the song list started with sand canyon shows that this video is going to be great already.

    That and the fact that this is jerod.

  6. I think the time before the first Golden Cookie shouldn't count.
    Because every few seconds you don't get the GC, you can just say you're restarting.

  7. Flashback to jerod play Yomi yori
    Jerod: jerod rock noises I like cookie

  8. Anyone know the name of that Super Sonic Racing remix? I need to add that to my playlist.

  9. I feel like the time wasted between him looking at what 'is best' to buy next and moving/clicking ruins all of the advantage you actually get from following that order.

  10. please create a video megalovania x the world revolving remix play on drums

  11. I love when people find out about true neverclick and do shit like this

  12. Friendly reminder that Jerod set an unofficial world record

  13. I thought you were gonna set it up so whenever you hit your drums it clicked

  14. this is like when jerod streams drumming, the cookie represents the drums

  15. never click speed run but he clicked the lucky cookie

  16. You either got really lucky or i got really unlucky, it took me 40 minutes just to get the first cursor because i kept getting frenzies instead of the lucky bonuses from GCs :p

  17. The music sounds like GarageBand. Just like I made music with

  18. question! is there a list of the background songs that show up in this video, and if there isn't, could someone try to track them down for me?

  19. just use the console to get more cookies (Game.cookies = 1e100)

  20. Disclaimer: SAVE BEFORE DOING THIS!

    There’s a cheat you can do, just right click, go to Inspect, then click Console, then type ‘Game.Earn()’ *INSERT A NUMBER INSIDE THE BRACKETS, ANY NUMBER IS FINE!!!!*

  21. try remapping different games for the drum, then try speedrunning them like that. You could start of with something like sonic or mario bros, then evolve to something like zelda or car games. Would definetly be intresting

    also, congrats on the 15th place! (speedrun.com/cclicker#True_Neverclick)

  22. Can we get a list of songs going, some of them are dope but I dont know what they are.

  23. I'm 2 and a half minutes in and I'm confused if this is real or satire

  24. 5:005:05

    I know I should be doing homework that's due in an hour but…how? Excuse me? HOW?! HOW DOES ONE BECOMETH A SYTH SYNTH?!

  25. This man is the pure embodiment of joy. You can't find a single video without him smiling or laughing hysterically.

  26. This would be a solid 15th place on the Speedrun.com leaderboards for True Neverclick, sitting right between a 46 minute time and a 43:15 time.

  27. I used to play this years ago, I wasn’t aware it still existed!

  28. So the cookie is just sitting there, looking pretty, begging for us to click it. I guess that is what you call clickbait.

  29. Any idea what the song is at 14:24 ? I'm aware it's a super metroid lower brinstar/red soil remix, but after looking at several dozen I can't find that specific one for some odd reason.

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