A Cookie Clicker speedrun, but it's the (former) world record (check description) - playegndary.com

A Cookie Clicker speedrun, but it’s the (former) world record (check description)

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Outdated, I broke my own world record here:


  1. Bruh how is this world record my friend got 2.3m in 4 minutes

  2. Gratz ! I calculated about 20 clicks per second

  3. Hello people 4 years in the future. Good to see you.

  4. why you dont click in golden cookies?

  5. Hope this becomes one of the great videos the algorithm brings everyone back to

  6. My instict is telling me that this video will be on the recommended of everyone.

  7. I wonder how many clicks he did in that video

  8. This is indeed gonna be on everyone’s recommend

  9. Can you teach me how to click my mouse like that please

  10. I͓̽'͓̽m͓̽ ͓̽F͓̽i͓̽n͓̽e͓̽ says:

    I have 3.180 novemoctogintillion cookies and I've got all achievements (inlucding shadow ones), all upgrades, prestige and special with no cheating :3

  11. Me grinding all night to beat my friend

  12. Cookie hell it exists and this guys in it

  13. shouldve added asmr into the title because them controller sounds are fire

  14. Hey!!! Can you please stop clicking, is starting to hurt

  15. I think my friend who figure out a wat to 638 cps will win this

  16. The captions are saying that his mouse clicking is music and I agree with that

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