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666x 777x 1111x crazy combo cookie clicker (Auto clicker)

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i looked in Fthof planner and seen that elder frenzy and click frenzy was 2 in a row so i did this
I got really lucky with dragonflight buff but forgot to change dragon aura
autoclicker about 250 cps


  1. I know, there's many mistakes, like, really many.Im preparing right now same combo with 777x 666x 1111x, but it will be way better, thought it requires crazy luck.

  2. You could sold farms, and set grandma bonus on dragon tho

  3. You grabbed this from dragoons video. :/

  4. Did hes just get a 3k year worth of cps in 26 sec?

  5. its a shame you were only at the trecidecillions.

  6. They must have patched selling wizard towers to get a 2nd fthof. Doesn't work when I try to do it and I have far more wizard towers than you. There is no amount I can sell that allows me to use a 2nd fthof even from full magic (115). Only way to refill it now is with a sugar lump I guess. Disappointing.

  7. so staisfying to get these types of combos 👌

  8. Aww, noobie mistake. You do godzamok last. Otherwise it ends even before you start your combos.

  9. why didn't you get all the bake a specific amount of cookies achievements, you should get all of them because the last in one douvigintillion

  10. so nobody's talking about how it went from 955 undecillion to 419 TREDECILLION????

  11. You forgot to hide the Cheated cookies taste awful achievement😂

  12. oh god… I have more cookies and prestige than you… AND YET YOU ARE MUCH SMARTER THAN ME IN THIS GAME *proceeds to copy his technique and fails *

  13. for anyone wondering that 14s of max boost was the equivilant of about 250 years of clicking

  14. only true players understand how lucky you got to be

  15. can you explain how the use the fthof planner? I imported my seed in it but I can't understand how it works


  17. Почему годзамолк не использовал

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