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#1 in the WORLD (Cookie Clicker ascended finn combo)

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i experimented with a few effects just ignore them

background song:

at 47 second mark

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  1. you forgot that chocolate egg always saves me

  2. exec rating
    2. ig tower rebuy doesn't matter as much here
    3. you could've planted whiskers earlier to save time

  3. GG! Litteraly perfect execution, except tower rebuy. Well done. Sady no fortune GC, that would have been OcQag.
    That cyclius timing was so good
    Please use your extra lumps for Grandma, You and Cortex Baker Levels

  4. this video shows how op dragon’s fortune + reality bending can be
    truly one of, if not, the best auras in this combo
    you can also notice how the cookie production went low once the golden/wrath cookies disappeared, so yeahhh

  5. Just asking, how much time did it take to set up that combo?

  6. how do you get your effects to last so long

  7. I enjoy playing t he game, I just get confused about the bank, the temple and the garden and the grimoire etc so I just ignore them

  8. When here gonna be the “all is dust” ending where the clickable cookie is removed?

  9. Which addon do you use to time golden cookies?

  10. hes playing sky and that just made me laugh so hard

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