😎COOKIE CLICKER WORLD RECORD: quinquagintillon (double ascended finn combo) (i messed up tho) - playegndary.com

😎COOKIE CLICKER WORLD RECORD: quinquagintillon (double ascended finn combo) (i messed up tho)

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the deorl spawn kinda caught me offguard which is why i was really nervous (as you could probably tell). But other than missing out on lucky day and the major flaw of not changing auras to dragons fortune this was not too bad.
!!! yes, this was done on october 4th; i was busy learning taps and embarrassed on how badly i executed that combo thats some reasons why o uploaded this late sorry

background song:
“ascending” from the jukebox (composed by C418; accessed by me through the jukebox from the cookie clicker steam version)


  1. u got septengintillion rn, right?

  2. Imagine if all those fthofs didn’t backfire

  3. But it's still less than Trevigintillion

  4. But it's still less than Trevigintillion

  5. Why arent the boosts going off they just stay there

  6. i am resetting my progress to before my finn because i want endless cycle and the ascend 100 times achievement

  7. Noooo, the deorl despawned 🙁
    Still not using Selebrak!
    Gg though, Quinquagintillon is insane.
    At this point, it should start being better to do 2 finn combos in 1 ascencion(first being a setup combo, to make the 2nd one have way better BS, need to make sure SF doesn't run out though) because the prestige gain is so small now.
    Or you could go back to your SxVgt save if you still have it, and try some more finnless combos, or maybe even start a comp save?

  8. How the fuck did you get 12 building specials?

  9. If that didnt happen that shit would have been CRAZY.

  10. imagine if this was the infinite money dupe glitch 😱😱😱😱💯

  11. rip 🙁
    i love how you put "human" in the text
    welp time to wait a few more months

  12. is this a reupload i swear i’ve seen this vid before

  13. im about to finish my first finn combo i’ll be at about ocotrigintillion i think

  14. Hold up is this real? Because this is just beyond insane

  15. I can't even do small combos ;-;, I still only have sextillions (at my 2nd ascension)

  16. how do you make the boosts last for so long with stretch time cuz i cant do it

  17. are there mods, auto clicking and save scumming??? is it considered fair game?? I think it is impossible to get so much cookies without using save scumming trick!

  18. it's not entirely clear how you saved a lot of building buffs. Watching your video telling how you made so many buffs, to be honest, I didn't understand.) And so, it's just impossible, man.

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