【COOKIE CLICKER: ENDURANCE】 how long can one (1) girl click a cookie 【NIJISANJI EN | Elira Pendora】 - playegndary.com

【COOKIE CLICKER: ENDURANCE】 how long can one (1) girl click a cookie 【NIJISANJI EN | Elira Pendora】

Elira Pendora 【NIJISANJI EN】
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I’ve never played this before but CLICK

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thank you so much!!! its soooo cute wahhhh

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  1. I left the stream just before Elira’s bit about counting. I thought the stream would still be going when I got back ~20 min later. Am sad. Kinda.

  2. I started playing Cookie Clicker at around the 3 hour point. I only managed to catch up to Elira after almost 5 hours of vigorous clicking.

  3. We were a couple of months into lockdown before I discovered Vtubers. How did I pass my days in front of a screen before then? Goddamn Cookie Clicker. Currently working in the octodecillion range. Would probably have made the push to the vigintillions by now but I'm just letting it sit to collect sugar lumps now and you have to sacrifice some cookie productivity to optimize those…also the stock market minigame resets when you ascend and the associated achievement takes forever to get.
    All this to say thank you for bringing together the biggest things that got me through 2020 with a scrap of sanity

  4. My parents had actual hopes for me, and here I am continuously watching over 8 hours of an anime girl clicking a button

  5. i knew this was gonna be a legendary stream the second i saw it on the schedule

  6. when Pomu came in I screammmmm AAAAAA I stay and listen for a whole stream… these two have too many fun stories lmao

  7. What I find the most impressive is how often Elira streams for eight or more hours straight, but it always feels much shorter. Time just flies by,
    That's the mark of a great entertainer

  8. 2:21:44 "I will eat oats by themselves, uncooked. I'm like a f*cking horse." – Pomu 2021

  9. I was the classmate that ran 2 saves, one with an auto clicker left on until someone shut off the PC, and the other save I would just play normally during free time outside of school

  10. Who tf said Zoomers don’t know about cookie clicker? Cookie Clicker is a fuckin zoomer-ass game! I played it in middle school and high school!

  11. Elira talks about how insane her brother to only play temple run for 8 hour trip. Bruuh.

  12. Cute😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  13. Elira's brother is the Josuke kind of uncle

  14. Never did I expect to be rerouted to this video from "Cookie Clicker is a perfectly balanced game with no exploits"

    Not that I'm complaining though, I actually missed this stream anyway

  15. ahh memories, the time waster games before gacha became a thing, sacrificed countless of hours to the clicker genre but at least they had the decency to just automate everything for you instead of putting you on a schedule… would kill for a clicker game with quality waifus

  16. I'm Filipino and im part of the "I'm so sorry" faction.

  17. yeah, I played this game far like 2 hours and stopped. I guess mom's do last long

  18. Wow, your friend really screwed you over with code geass. You gotta try again with a fesh mind.

  19. 5:57:51 The beginning of Elira's wild controversial anime takes (Lelouch looks like Enderman)

    As much as I was mad as a fan, it was such a funny conversation.

  20. me over here just pressing f12 and "give_cookie_1000000000"

  21. Elira's sloppy grandma kisses make me uncomfortable.

  22. 3:24:03 Soccer Story from the clip I just watched. too bad Pendora's Box doesn't leave proper timestamps in the link X_X

  23. If you didn't know, it's on Steam now, you should do another video. :O!

  24. "I will guide you through the nut nut nut nut" – elira pendora

  25. Another clicker/idle game you should try is Scream Collector!

  26. 37:10
    I had no idea so many people didn't know that cookies have salt in them. I've never even baked any myself.

  27. omg it makes so much sense when elira went to the Philippines a friends was guiding her… I think we know who that friend is now.

  28. I just watched the part where you guys talked about the Philippines and I just gotta say, I'm sorry

  29. 2:24:15 I Think Elira Talking About Millie When She Mention She Have A Friend In The Philippines

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